Maximum flexibility
– the new IBC AeroFix G3

The further development of our aerodynamic flat roof mounting system has created even more options for individual and cost-effective installation of PV modules onto roofs – with no roof penetration.

Module sizes
Tilt joint
Base rails
Cable ducts
Setup variants
 Module sizes
Module sizes

From small to large

The IBC AeroFix G3 remains flexible – even with large modules.

PV modules are becoming increasingly large. For this reason, mounting systems must be flexible and adaptable to the respective module type. Modules with lengths of 1500 to 2100 mm and widths of 980 to 1150 mm can be mounted on the new AeroFix G3.

 Tilt joint
Tilt joint

No tension – no damage

The ingenious tilt joint combines quality and safety.

Thanks to an integrated tilt joint in the AeroFix mounting support, the modules lie on the mounting system without mechanical tension. The key advantage: No cell damage caused by tension in the module – and no resulting power losses.

 Base rails
Base rails

Wide and narrow in combination

The new combination option ensures both flexibility and cost efficiency.

New: With the IBC AeroFix G3, wide and narrow base rails can be combined in the same system. This means that more stable roof areas or lower ballasted modules can be fitted with the more cost-effective, narrow rail. This not only ensures maximum flexibility, but also reduces material expenditure as well as the total cost of the system. At the same time, the roof installation is secure.

 Cable ducts
Cable ducts

Practical integration

Pre-installed cable ducts save time and make installation convenient.

For maximum convenience and cost efficiency, the AeroFix G3 mounting system features wide base profiles with integrated cable ducts that can accommodate up to 28 x 6 mm² cables. This not only makes installation easier, but also saves time, costs and labour. The top supports have an extra shelf to attach a small cable duct or cable clips.

 Setup variants
Setup variants

Horizontal or vertical

3 x 2 variants are suitable for any roof.

Six different installation variants make the AeroFix G3 as flexible as possible and guarantee perfect adaptability for any roof. The modules can be mounted not only horizontally, but also vertically. The elevation of 8, 10 or 15 degrees is possible, in a south or east-west direction.

The optimal solution for flat roofs

The IBC AeroFix G3 can be perfectly adapted to the respective dimensions of the module. The wide range of installation options, sophisticated technical highlights and the option to combine wide and narrow base profiles which makes the system so special.

  • Quick.

    Ready in just a few simple steps thanks to pre-assembled individual components.

  • Reliable.

    Extensive quality tests in the SUNLAB test laboratory ensure optimum product quality.

  • Economical.

    Pre-installed building protection mats and integrated cable ducts as well as optional narrow base profiles save time, costs and labour.

  • Perfect for roofs.

    No roof damage thanks to wide load distribution over wide base profiles and installation without roof penetration. For all plastic membrane, bitumen, gravel, green and concrete roofs.

  • Modular.

    The modular principle provides optimised solutions for almost all flat roof designs and roofing.

  • High quality.

    Long service life thanks to the use of durable materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.

  • Secure.

    Aerodynamically optimised for extreme stability even in storms.

  • Guaranteed.

    Maximum safety thanks to 15-year combination guarantee.
    More information here.

It couldn't be easier

Our YouTube channel demonstrates how quickly and easily the new IBC AeroFix G3 is mounted in different orientations and installation angles.

  • IBC AeroFix G3: South orientation 8 degrees
  • IBC AeroFix G3: South orientation 10/15 degrees
  • IBC AeroFix G3: East-west orientation 8 degrees
  • IBC AeroFix G3: East-west orientation 10/15 degrees

At a glance:

The IBC AeroFix G3 is the optimal solution for all applications requiring the highest level of quality, cost efficiency and flexibility. Our expert knowledge and the continuous optimisation of our products guarantee high-quality energy solutions. Experience all the highlights of the new IBC AeroFix G3 in our 3D video – and trust in mounting systems from IBC SOLAR.

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