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Intelligently controlled

Intelligent energy management at the Herrmann Kräuter commercial nursery.

Agriculture and food production are constantly changing, and new challenges require quick, flexible responses. But one thing never changes: a consistently high need for increasingly expensive electricity at all hours of the day. An intelligent photovoltaic solution tailored to the company’s individual requirements gives round-the-clock food production independence from high prices while taking a great stride toward sustainability.

  • “Working with IBC has enabled us to be even greener and more independent!”
    Thomas Herrmann
    Managing Director, Herrmann Kräuter

Solar power for food production Herrmann Kräuter, Germany

The challenge.

Herrmann Kräuter is a nursery and confectionery company that has been producing cut herbs on its own outdoor plots and in greenhouses for four generations. Every week, Herrmann Kräuter delivers 200 tonnes of freshly cut herbs to major customers in the catering and food retail sectors. The electricity consumption for cooling the fresh herbs, for the packaging machines and for lighting the greenhouses is enormous. And not just during the day, but also at night.

The solution.

The company was looking for a holistic energy solution that would allow them to minimise their reliance on the public grid. Given the company’s high electricity consumption around the clock, we worked with our specialist partner Kempa-Elektrotechnik to install a PV system with an output of 416 kWp and an additional storage system with a capacity of 207 kWh. An energy management system (EMS) keeps the heavy consumers, the PV system, the company’s existing combined heat and power plant (CHP) and its electromobility solutions in balance at all times.

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The result.

Thanks to the intelligent control of the EMS, Herrmann Kräuter is able to avoid load peaks and largely cover its electricity requirements via the photovoltaic system. This makes the company as independent as possible from ever-increasing electricity procurement costs and maximises its competitiveness.

The solution in stats.

  • Annual energy requirements: 850,000 kWh
  • System size: 416 kWp + 207 kWh storage
  • Electricity production: 340,000 kWh/year
  • CO2 savings: 170 tonnes/year

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