Solar accessories

Makes the installation complete

Quality is essential.

In addition to the major components, a number of other products are essential to complete a solar energy system. These are no less important for a suitable overall package, and quality should always be the focus here too.

It's the cable that counts.

Cables in particular are a sensitive component of photovoltaic systems. High-quality, flexible and durable materials are essential here. This is what the IBC FlexiSun PV cable stands for. Tested for a minimum service life of over 30 years, the IBC FlexiSun cable fulfils the latest VDE and TÜV standards as well as the highest demands of your application areas. The IBC FlexiSun cable is easy to install and weather-resistant, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

What else is needed in terms of accessories.

–  Cables
–  Plug connectors
–  Overvoltage protection 
–  Power optimisers
–  Monitoring & EMS
–  Connection boxes
–  Grid and plant protection
–  Fuses

We have high-quality accessories in our portfolio that complete every photovoltaic system. We offer the right all-round solutions for homes and businesses.

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