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EMS: One smart cookie.

Make the most of our energy management system expertise.

We configure highly efficient energy management system applications that are precisely tailored to your business and maximise your benefits with smart functions. The energy management system (EMS) controls the energy flows outside (power grid, PV system) and inside the business (consumers) so that as much of your self-generated electricity as possible goes to your business. They coordinate power generation and consumption perfectly, efficiently directing energy flows to the electricity, climate control and mobility sectors as needed.

Self-consumption optimisation

    The EMS ensures that surpluses from electricity production can be stored in a battery storage system and made available again when required. This maximises self-consumption.

Load management

    Active load management optimises the individual consumption profile of your business. Electricity consumption (e.g. in the production stage) is shifted from hours with little sunshine to hours with plenty of sunshine. This is made possible by an intelligent control system that accesses weather forecasts, among other things.

Peak shaving

    Peaks in electricity consumption occur when demand is extremely high. They influence grid stability and electricity procurement costs: the higher the peaks, the higher the electricity costs. The more even the electricity consumption, the lower the costs. Peak shaving allows consumption peaks to be smoothed out by reducing electricity consumption in the short term. The electricity price falls again.

E-mobility management

    Electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. If you convert your entire vehicle fleet to e-mobility in addition to your industrial trucks, the EMS helps to ensure smooth operation and cost optimisation.

Emergency power function

    Solar systems are disconnected from the public grid in the event of a power failure. Thanks to the optional emergency power function of your battery storage system, your company is protected in the event of a power failure and continues to be supplied with electricity. Unimportant energy consumers switch themselves off. This means you no longer need expensive, environmentally harmful diesel generators.

Grid-related services

    Electricity from renewable energy is not constantly fed into the electricity grid. This regularly leads to fluctuations. Grid operators therefore need energy capacities available at short notice (balancing energy), which your storage system can provide or absorb.

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