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Saving money. But not at the expense of the environment.

With IBC SOLAR, your electricity costs will melt away in the sun.

Good for the environment, good for your wallet. If you use the solar power from an IBC SOLAR complete photovoltaic system yourself, it’s not only sustainable, but also three times cheaper than conventional grid electricity. You don't need a calculator to realise that the more of your own electricity you use yourself, the more you save. With your IBC SOLAR photovoltaic system, this is easy to achieve if you use a combination of an energy management system (EMS). Heavy consumers such as heating, electric cars and washing machines are operated in a targeted manner when a lot of favourable solar power is available. If the solar system generates a surplus, this is either stored for later. Or you can have it fed into the grid for a fixed feed-in tariff.

An investment that pays off.

There's no question that a solar energy system is a major investment for everyone. But when you do the maths, it quickly becomes clear that you are securing enormous savings potential in the long term: In the most countries solar power is at least three or four times cheaper than conventional electricity from a power socket, and using self-generated solar power reduces your electricity bill by at least 30%. With an additional solar energy storage system, you can become even more independent of the electricity price, by up to 80%. Add to this a green electricity tariff and you are 100% independent of fossil fuels. Another good thing about buying a photovoltaic system is that the large savings on the electricity make it easy to finance. Once this has been finalised, the cost savings are enormous. And for a very long time, because quality modules from IBC SOLAR work reliably even beyond the warranty period of 20 years – thanks to a 25-year linear performance warranty.

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