Sustainability is part of our DNA.

The environment is also important to us within our company.

At IBC SOLAR, we pay attention to sustainability in the company down to the last detail. This ranges from the use of our own PV electricity to the green electricity contract for our premises or the use of sustainable office materials. Energy-saving measures for electricity and heat are just as important to us as the conscious and careful use of valuable resources. IBC SOLAR lives sustainability and invests every year anew in the improvement of green corporate management - for a world worth living in.

  • “For more than 40 years, we have been working on energy solutions that advance solar energy sustainably,” says CEO Dr. Dirk Haft. “We are committed to leading by example, to living and implementing sustainability throughout the company and in everything we do.”
    Dr Dirk Haft


The recycling of PV components, including batteries, is just as important as the installation of PV systems. This is the only way to preserve valuable raw materials such as glass, aluminium and semiconductor materials. This contributes to a positive environmental balance, as waste is avoided. For example, a completely recycled system can recycle 95% of the materials used.

IBC SOLAR modules fulfil all legal requirements and have so-called WEE certificates. The European WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) obliges producers to take back and recycle at least 85 per cent of PV modules free of charge. IBC SOLAR has been working closely with waste disposal companies such as GRS and Take-e-way for many years and also regularly provides information on the correct disposal of PV components.


The three dimensions of our commitment

Sustainable activity

IBC SOLAR is committed to sustainable corporate governance. We publish our actions and measures every year in our sustainability report. In addition to environmental and social issues, this also includes a CO2 balance. From July 2024 you will find our sustainability report here for download.


Quality management

As a certified company for occupational safety, health protection, quality and environmental management, IBC SOLAR continues to implement a wide range of measures in the areas of environmental protection and occupational safety and also demands these standards from its suppliers and partners.

To our certificates


UN Global Member

In addition, we have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance, since 2017.

Pioneering Sustainability

A sustainable future requires innovative approaches. We have been driving the energy transition with our products and ideas since 1982. With our involvement in research projects, we support developments in the field of renewable energies and sustainability and invest in the future.

We try to adopt the cradle-to-cradle approach as often as possible within the company and in projects. For example, at our own trade fair appearances. We manage to keep the recycling rate of our trade fair stand at 98%.

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Our principles


Respect, honesty, humanity and responsibility are very important at IBC SOLAR. For us as a family business, people take centre stage first and foremost.


Our success lies in the skills and satisfaction of our employees. IBC SOLAR supports each employee individually in their professional development and ensures better health in the workplace with its occupational health management programme.

Regional commitment.

Even supposedly small things can make a difference. Whenever possible, we support our region in the realisation of sustainable projects, such as the Coburg University of Applied Sciences with its Circular Tiny House.