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Customer stories from around the world

Our references showcase the success of our photovoltaic solutions globally.

Each project, carefully documented, demonstrates our commitment to excellence with cutting-edge technology and reliable performance. From suburban rooftops to urban installations, our portfolio highlights diverse applications and satisfied homeowners. Discover how we transform sunlight into sustainable energy, one story at a time. Experience the difference with our trusted expertise, and see how we help families harness the power of the sun. Dive into our customer stories and be inspired.

Residential self-consumption solution with Storage
Valencia, Spain

The Challenge:
The goal was to create a self-sufficient PV system within the city of Valencia to cover the home owners´ electricity needs completely by renewable energy.

The Solution:
Tailor-made PV system for self-consumption to switch to a pollution-free, low-cost and reliable electricity supply.

The Result:
With this installation we managed to increase the home's self-consumption quota, trying to make the most of the photovoltaic production, including the surplus.

Result in numbers:

  • Average annual daily production: 16.36 kWh
  • Annual production: 5,971.4 kWh.
  • Average self-consumption share without battery: 32%
  • Average self-consumption share with battery: 75%
PV Solar System for electromobility
Neudrossenfeld, Germany

The Challenge:
Hannes Haude and his small family living in a single-family home were looking for a photovoltaic system during construction to “refuel” their electric car as well as running domestic appliances for cooking, ironing, washing and even for heating with energy generated by the sun.

The Solution:
The solution implemented by IBC SOLAR produces the energy needed for their (household) energy needs - all from a single source and of highest quality. While the new solar power system is producing energy, the family can focus on what really matters - (family) life.

The Result:
In summer, the family can cover up to 100 percent of their electricity needs using solar energy. In winter it is still around 30 percent.

Result in numbers:

  • Energy Management: efa:home
  • E-charging solution: Keba KeContakt P30 C
  • Modules: IBC MonoSol 250 CS
  • Inverter: SMA
  • Total Capacity: 9,7 kWp
Renting Pilot Project - Atlantic Gold Guesthouse
Cape Town, South Africa

The Challenge:
The lack of financing options is one of the main obstacles to the implementation of small-scale photovoltaic systems in South Africa. The German company maxx I solar & energie GmbH & Co. KG has experience with PV Renting projects in Germany. Thanks to the dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme the maxx group was able to transfer the PV Renting approach to South Africa. With Centrafin maxx identified a company specialised in equipment renting and even offers with its “Financing Green Solutions” programme a tool to finance PV systems.

The Solution:
PV renting means, one entity invests in a PV system (system owner) and rents the system to a second entity (system operator). The system operator uses the electricity and pays a monthly rent to the system owner. Furthermore, the system owner gets the option to buy the system after 3–10 years (similar to car leasing).

The Result:
The maxx group, Centrafin and the maxx I team installer RED Engineering jointly developed a package (PV system and financing) for the Atlantic Gold Guesthouse and thus allowed the installation of a 14 kWp pilot project in April 2016. The PV system will substitute expensive grid electricity, which costs the guesthouse 1.87 ZAR/kWh excl. VAT. The guesthouse will substitute approximately 23,400 kWh/year with solar power

Result in numbers:

  • System Type: Embedded Generation (SSEG)
  • PV Generating Capacity: 14 kWp
  • Yield of approx. 1,520 kWh per year
  • Performance Ratio: 93.5%