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It’s high time to be kind to the environment.

Generate your own green electricity. With an IBC SOLAR photovoltaic system.

Your own photovoltaic system makes it easy to say goodbye to fossil fuels: With our partners, it only takes a few steps to configure a solar energy system according to your wishes. Than you can enjoy the fact that your CO2 footprint is immediately reduced by a huge factor after the quick installation and commissioning. A major step towards sustainability and independent energy supply. Simply great for our planet.

A solar system on the roof – it just feels good.

Solar systems have a huge impact on the environment because they save several million tonnes of CO2 every year. After just two years, they produce more energy on average than would be required for their manufacture and recycling. When they are recycled at the end of their life, 95% of the materials used can be reused. This avoids waste and preserves valuable raw materials. We have a take-back system for old or broken solar modules and batteries, so you don't have to worry about the environmentally friendly recycling and disposal of your system. What's more, solar power is already three to four times cheaper than conventional electricity from the socket. If you consume solar power from your own production, you will reduce your electricity bill by at least 30%. With an additional solar power storage system, you can become even more independent of the electricity price - by up to 80%. Add to this a green electricity tariff and you are 100% independent of fossil fuels. Investing in your own solar installation is therefore not only worthwhile for the environment, but also financially.

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