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Turn your roof into a source of revenue.

Photovoltaics for companies – one of the best business decisions.

As your partner, we want you to be able to focus completely on what really matters: your business. That's why we help you achieve long-term planning security for your electricity costs and significantly reduce your operating costs. With our highly efficient photovoltaics for business, you not only tap into a low-cost energy source that will remain stable in price for decades, but you also increase your competitiveness in a sustainable way. Making solar fun. Have sun!

Reduce operating costs.

Self-generated solar power will have your operating costs plummet in no time. That's because it is currently around five times cheaper than conventional electricity in the commercial sector. The more solar power you consume for your business, the more independent you become and the more you save on electricity procurement costs. What's more, you have a fixed electricity price that remains constant in your operating costs for decades. This helps you plan for the long term. After calculating the costs for the system, the electricity price per kilowatt hour is fixed over the entire service life. So choose solar power and be on the safe side when it comes to electricity cost planning.

Increase revenue.

Ideally, your solar system generates more electricity than your business consumes. You can then feed the surplus into the public electricity grid and receive a feed-in tariff fixed for 20 years, which is regulated by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). Or you can market your electricity directly, which is required by law from a certain system size anyway. This further increases the profitability of your photovoltaic system.

  • “My roof now makes me independent and reduces my electricity costs.”
    Benedict Dahlmann
    Managing Director, Dresen Car Dealership

Nice and simple – the way to your commercial solar system.


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Better to be independent.
With a storage system and smart control unit from IBC SOLAR.

Rely on power that doesn’t fail.

Don’t worry if the sun doesn’t shine. A commercial storage system provides energy around the clock. With an optional emergency power supply, it also protects your business from power outages. Your machines continue to run and production does not come to a standstill.

We make solar power intelligent.

An intelligent energy management system (EMS) controls the energy flows outside (power grid, PV system) and (appliances) within your company. Power generation and consumption are coordinated. For instance, the smart energy management system regulates the storage of surplus solar power for later use. This, in turn, helps to increase the self-consumption ratio and reduce electricity procurement costs.

Maximum efficiency with energy management 


A solar system for business – good for the climate, good for your image.

Commitment to sustainability and renewable energies is important to everyone. Your customers and employees will appreciate the fact that you have the renewable future of energy installed on your roof. A photovoltaic system shows everyone that your company has understood and is committed to the environment.

  • Whether a company acts sustainably is becoming a purchase criterion for more and more customers
  • Sustainability comes as standard for many investors
  • Renewable energy conserves resources
  • Your employees will appreciate it

Our solar systems stand for tested quality.

Quality comes from not compromising. Thanks to our quality assurance measures, which are unique in the industry, as well as the rigorous testing of our systems consisting of modules and mounting systems in our own SUNLAB test laboratory, we ensure that you can use your commercial solar system for many years without any worries and profitably - making solar fun. Have sun!

Our quality promise

The right solar solution for every industry.

Food and beverage industry

Solar power for cooling systems and lighting.

The production of food is energy intensive. In particular, the electricity consumption for cooling and storing food, for packaging machines and for lighting greenhouses is enormous. Not only during the day, but also at night. A photovoltaic solution provides a remedy.

Car dealerships

Integrate charging stations economically for electric cars.

Car dealerships face the challenge of providing e-charging stations. However, they often lack the appropriate grid connection capacity. The existing power connection is simply insufficient. Instead of expanding the commercial power supply at great effort and expense, it makes sense to invest in modern and sustainable energy from solar power.

Manufacturing industry

Operate machines and production lines more cost-effectively.

The production of goods requires a great deal of energy. Machines, compressors, air conditioning systems, lighting – all these consumers require electricity and it is becoming increasingly expensive. Photovoltaic systems can reduce electricity costs by at least a third. In combination with a storage system and an energy management system, the savings are enormous.

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