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Produce more cost-effectively

Using solar power in the manufacturing industry.

Of all production sectors, the manufacturing industry had the highest energy consumption in 2020, accounting for 45% of total consumption. This figure speaks for itself. It is therefore particularly important for companies in this sector to make themselves independent of rising prices and rapid changes. Solar energy is an excellent solution for this, as it is not only sustainable, but also harbours great savings potential in the long term.

  • “This solar plant has made our company more independent and more profitable - and, of course, more sustainable.”
    Axel Faber
    Member of the Management Board, Ponsel GmbH & Co. KG

The challenge.

Ponsel is a family-owned upholstered furniture manufacturer with around 200 employees. Compressors, cutters, sewing machines and lighting account for the bulk of its high energy requirements—which, at 300,000 kWh annually, posed an enormous and increasingly challenging expense.

The solution.

The 99 kWp solar plant we ended up installing on a 930 m2 roof surface now produces 87,000 kWh/year. The electricity generated by this solar installation is mainly used to power sewing machines, electric cutters and lighting in the production area.

The result.

The company now produces about half of the electricity it needs, which of course has cut its electricity bill in half. In total, the family business saves around €30,000 in electricity costs per year. Future projects will include expanding the system to include a storage solution and an energy management system, which will help the upholstery manufacturer dramatically reduce its electricity costs even further.

The solution in numbers.

  • Annual energy requirements: 300,000 kWh
  • System size: 99 kWp
  • Electricity production: 87,000 kWh/year
  • CO2 savings: 44 tonnes/year

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