Leaders on the market join forces offering an innovative PV construction for low load-bearing roofs

IBC SOLAR, a leading wholesaler and supplier of solutions for PV and energy systems, has started a cooperation with CW Lundberg, a company specializing in roof protection. The companies have developed a modern solution for installation on flat roofs, using a non-invasive and ballast-free mounting system. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to implement PV projects on roof surfaces previously excluded from use due to their low load-bearing capacity.

The innovative assembly system created as a result of the cooperation of both companies uses a combination of the universal and lightweight IBC TopFix 200 assembly structure for pitched roofs and the reliable solution for flat roofs, the IBC SOLAR AeroFix mounting system. This combination  is attached to the roof surface with the so-called non-invasive mounting brackets provided by CW Lundberg. These are special plates welded with bitumen felt to the waterproofing layer of the roof. Mounting structures are then attached to them.

This solution has been used, among others in the project of the municipal solar power plant in Poznan launched at the end of last year. In the process of mounting the photovoltaic installation on the roofs of 17-storey buildings, non-invasive mounting plates were used, able to withstand the forces up to 700 kg. The combination of the plates with special assembly structures made it possible to avoid overloading the ceiling while ensuring the durability and safety of the investment.

Another result of the joint activities of the companies is a series of one-day workshops for installers in Poland organized in May 2021. The training program includes discussion of the types of fasteners used in photovoltaics and the role of the assembly system in the PV project. It is estimated that the cause of more than half of the failures of photovoltaic installations are poorly fitted assembly structures. As an element of a PV project that you cannot see, their quality is often not given due attention. Meanwhile, the assembly system is for a photovoltaic installation what foundations are for a home: it ensures safety, stability and allows you to enjoy the energy obtained from the sun for many years - explains Maciej Drobczyk, Country Manager at IBC SOLAR Polska.

Workshops for installers will be held on May 11, 18 and 25, in Dzierzoniów. They are open and free of charge, but the order of applications decides about participation. After the training, participants will receive a license authorizing them to install CW Lundberg plates. Without this license, the manufacturer does not provide any warranty for its products.

In addition to the exchange of know-how in the use of modern technologies in PV projects, the agreement between IBC SOLAR and CW Lundberg also includes the analysis of the needs of potential investors and installers of photovoltaic systems and joint performance testing of products in the SUNLAB, the PV research laboratory. This center specializes in computer-aided load simulations, and also performs destructive tests and wind tunnel tests.

The workshops are organized by IBC SOLAR and CW Lundberg with the support of the Eko Projekt Training Center. Registration for the event is accepted through the IBC SOLAR Polska website, in the contact page: https://www.ibc-solar.pl/o-firmie/formularz-kontaktu/. In the contact purpose field, please select: Training in weightless structures, and in the message field, enter the preferred date of the training.