It’s all about the hook by IBC SOLAR and Preising: AeroFix Latch fall protection device

New product by IBC SOLAR and Preising guarantees increased safety for the maintenance and servicing of PV systems on flat roofs.


Kierspe / Bad Staffelstein, March 26, 2019 – IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy storage, and Preising GmbH und Co. KG, an experienced provider in the security sector, are presenting the AeroFix Latch fall protection device. The special feature: The fall protection device is attached directly to the IBC AeroFix mounting system and does not penetrate the roof. Both companies have created a unique system for securing installers during the maintenance of PV systems on flat roofs. AeroFix Latch has been approved throughout Europe and will initially be launched by IBC SOLAR in Switzerland, followed by all distribution channels.

A sophisticated system that is easy to use – The new AeroFix Latch fall protection device guarantees safety during maintenance work on flat roofs in areas where there is a risk of falling. The fall protection device is connected directly to the module field and ensures maximum freedom of movement around the entire PV system combined with appropriate personal protective equipment against falls. It is possible to enter areas where there is a risk of falling without any additional and complicated hooking and unhooking.
Regardless of the arrangement of the solar modules, the AeroFix Latch fall protection device can be used on module fields with at least 20 overlapping solar modules. Integrating it into the IBC AeroFix mounting system offers a number of advantages: First of all, no additional space and construction measures are required for the fall protection device on the roof. Therefore, there is no impact on the stability of the roof and no undesired shading occurs, meaning the entire roof surface can be used. Secondly, no further costs are incurred for scaffolding or safety devices for the maintenance of PV systems.

The fall protection system certified by DEKRA was tested in a dynamic drop test according to standard specifications and is able to withstand a fall weight of three people. It is successfully EU type-tested, meets all requirements of the European PSA regulation (EU) 2016/425 and therefore does not require any further tests.

The Preising fall protection device can only be used in combination with the IBC AeroFix mounting systems and is distributed exclusively by IBC SOLAR and its more than 1,000 Premium Partners worldwide. IBC SOLAR will be holding specific training courses for its Premium Partners for the installation of the fall protection device. Retrofitting of existing systems is possible.

More information on services and product highlights from IBC SOLAR can be found in Hall A3, booth 470 and 670 at Intersolar Europe in Munich (15 to 17 May 2019), Europe’s leading trade fair for solar technology.