Intersolar Europe 2013: IBC SOLAR Presents the Newest Generation of Solar Power Storage with IBC SolStore Pb Home

The intelligent system combines solar power storage and energy management to increase self-consumption

Bad Staffelstein / Germany, June 19th, 2013 – IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems, introduces IBC SolStore Pb Home for the first time, a solar power storage system which can increase the self-consumption rate in households by 80 percent or more. This solution enables households with a PV system to use the majority of their self-generated solar power directly. IBC SolStore Pb Home will be one of IBC SOLAR’s highlights at Intersolar Europe 2013 in Munich (from June 19th to 21st), the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry (hall B6, stand 310).

IBC SolStore Pb Home is an advancement of the proven lead-acid battery solution IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb and is complemented by the product innovation IBC SolGuard Home, an intelligent energy management solution. Thanks to an automatic energy yield forecast and the possibility to manage household machines actively, the complete PV system ensures owners optimal use of self-generated solar electricity any time, day and night. By incorporating thermal storage solutions, the self-consumption rate could increase by up to 80 percent.

IBC SolGuard Home ensures intelligent energy management: the system takes into consideration the cheapest time to use electricity, weather forecasts, consumption patterns, battery charge status, as well as all relevant energy flows and produces reliable PV forecast data. Forecast is automatically compared with the known consumption patterns of household appliances and appliances are turned on once enough solar energy is available. Surplus electricity is only fed into the grid once the storage system is full and no more energy can be fed into the household. At their stand at the Intersolar trade fair, IBC SOLAR will demonstrate how customers can also heat their water supply by combining a thermal storage system with IBC SolStore Pb Home.

With IBC SolStore Pb Home, IBC SOLAR not only presents the newest generation of its proven battery storage solutions, but also allows customers to take advantage of German government incentives for solar storage systems: the IBC SolStore Pb Home complete system fulfils all current requirements of the German government’s storage incentive programme that entered into force on May 1st 2013 and that covers up to 30 percent of the acquisition costs. Inter alia, IBC SOLAR offers a seven-year guarantee.

All IBC SolStore Pb Home components are "Made in Germany". The long-life lead-acid batteries are seal-regulated and thus maintenance-free. Refilling the water is not necessary, which makes the storage system particularly easy to use. There is also a new integrated load-break switch that allows the storage system to be immediately separated from the inverter, stopping the electricity flow. This is one more safeguard in IBC SolStore Home’s comprehensive security approach.

The lead-acid IBC SolStore Home as well as a lithium-ion version will be available in the third quarter of 2013.