IBC SOLAR wins 2014 Intersolar Award in the "Solar Projects in Europe" category

Hölzengraben City Solar Park impresses jury with megawatt-scale direct consumption and innovative east-west orientation

Bad Staffelstein, June 4, 2014 – IBC SOLAR AG, one of the world's leading photovoltaic (PV) system integrators, has received a 2014 Intersolar Award in the category of "Solar Projects in Europe". Their winning project, the Hölzengraben City Solar Park, has a total power capacity of 6.4 MWp, and was completed in 2013. The awarding authority was WVE GmbH Kaiserslautern, a subsidiary of Kaiserslautern Public Services (SWK). As the EPC contractor, IBC SOLAR was responsible for the detailed planning and construction of the megawatt-scale PV system used for commercial self-consumption.

The Hölzengraben City Solar Park, which IBC SOLAR submitted for consideration under the category of "Solar Projects in Europe", primarily won the jury over with its pioneering self-consumption concept and level of technical innovation. WVE GmbH Kaiserslautern sold parts of the urban solar park to investors, including two nearby industrial/commercial companies, which are currently using around three megawatts' worth of the solar park's capacity for their own needs. This direct supply of solar energy, which scores big thanks to its extremely low-costs, provides companies with a significant and exclusive locational advantage.

From a technical standpoint, the jury was impressed by the modules' east-west orientation, which further facilitates energy production for private commercial use: by shifting electricity production to morning and evening hours, while reducing midday peaks accordingly, the system covers peak usage periods (mornings and evenings) more effectively. Coordinating solar power generation with individual commercial users' power consumption profiles helps increase the proportion of energy produced for direct consumption, making the system particularly efficient.

"The Intersolar Award is an important industry award, and we are very proud to accept ours today," said Jörg Eggersdorfer, CEO of IBC SOLAR AG. "With the Hölzengraben City Solar Park, our customer, WVE Kaiserslautern, has already begun demonstrating what the future of German solar energy will look like. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with WVE and contribute our expertise to the project."