IBC SOLAR Turkey has commissioned a 5.9 MWp PV project in Gaziantep

Ground-mounted installation with south and east-west orientation will produce 11 million kWh of solar power per year for grid feed-in

Bad Staffelstein / Germany, May 22, 2017 – IBC SOLAR Turkey, a subsidiary of IBC SOLAR AG, who is a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy storage, has completed a large-scale solar energy project with a total capacity of 5.9 MWp in the province of Gaziantep, Turkey.

The produced amount of approx. 11 million kWh solar power per year will be fed into the public grid and prevent the release of around 7.000 tons of CO2 each year. In one part of the solar park, the modules are constructed in an east-west orientation to ensure the highest possible electricity production and generate the best possible return for the investor. The project is the first one in all of Turkey with not only south oriented modules.

The solar system is separated into seven smaller projects, consisting of under 1 MW each. “This enables us to guarantee a simple grid connection under the current statutory regulations”, explains Bülent Yildiz, General Manager at IBC SOLAR Turkey.

“The Gaziantep region obtains solar irradiation values that are above average for Turkey. With our proper design and application, maximum production levels can be recorded”, says Hakan Daltaban, Managing Partner at IBC SOLAR Turkey. “Turkey is one of the European countries with the best solar energy irradiation values. Our solar plants are very profitable, sustainable and are considered green investments.”

The Gaziantep solar power plant has been handed over to the investor Çolak Energy & Koyuncu Energy as a turnkey solution where IBC SOLAR Turkey acted as an EPC service provider. The company offered the entire project design, plant commissioning and a remote energy monitoring system. Furthermore, all relevant operations and maintenance services (O&M) for the PV plant will be provided by IBC SOLAR. Additionally, the project was audited and awarded German TUV certificates. This is very unique for PV plants in Turkey.

Kazım Çolak, owner of Çolak Energy & Koyuncu Energy says: “This is the largest new installed solar project that our company has invested in. IBC SOLAR offered a premium developed design and very proper site services. We are looking forward to a brilliant long term performance of the plant.”

Project Details:



Province of Gaziantep, Turkey

No. modules:

22,698 IBC PolySol 260 CS4


5,901 kWp

Electricity production:

approx. 11 million kWh/year

CO2 reduction:

approx. 7,000 tones/a

Project planning: