IBC SOLAR Receives Recertification from TÜV Rheinland

DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate extended to the scope of “product development”

Bad Staffelstein / Germany, August 20th, 2013 – IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems, has successfully completed the annual TÜV recertification process for its internal management system. Thus, the certificates continue to be valid for its quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001) and environmental management (DIN EN ISO 14001), as well as for its workplace safety and occupational health record (BS OHSAS 18001). TÜV Rheinland not only confirmed the continuous expansion and improvement of the company’s management system, but extended the certificates to include the scope of ‘product development’. This means that from now on it covers the development and trade of single components for PV systems, as well as project planning and sales of turnkey PV plants.

The inclusion of product development in the new recertification demonstrates that IBC SOLAR is successful, not just as a wholesaler and project developer, but also in the self-development of products. In this area, the PV system house draws on experience which it gathered over more than 30 years. As a result, the product development precisely meets the needs of customers and Premium Partners.

For a product development in accordance with the ISO standard, a comprehensive index of standards has to be implemented. Included within that would be, for example, the definition of requirements and specifications, as well as the determination of company and development milestones. In order to carry out the recertification, the auditors from TÜV spent two days within the company, where they checked both random and specific projects for the requirements of all three certificates. Amongst other things, they assessed the core processes in the fields of trade, procurement and IBC SOLAR’s project business. Additionally, the auditors examined to what extent IBC SOLAR had implemented the action plan defined within the framework of the TÜV audit in 2012. In the past year, the PV expert accomplished the tasks which were defined, leading to secured best practice and enhanced improvements.

The verdict of the auditor stated that IBC SOLAR is implementing the constant improvements, all of which are integral parts of the TÜV certification. The recertification is yet another example of IBC SOLAR adhering to the high standards set by the ISO certificate, allowing them to provide high quality, innovative quality products to their clients.