IBC SOLAR provides training for PV installers in Morocco

Joint workshops with exclusive partner SEWT sarl to promote the implementation of photovoltaic systems in North Africa

Bad Staffelstein, January 12, 2015 – IBC SOLAR AG, one of the world's leading photovoltaic system houses, has held its first training course for 30 Moroccan solar installers together with its exclusive partner SEWT sarl (Sun Energy and Water Technologies). The aim of this educational program is to establish a network of trained specialists who will promote the use of photovoltaic technology in North Africa.
“The Moroccan market holds significant potential for growth, particularly in the sector of small and medium-sized installations for private households and commercial self-consumption,” said Ali Hajji, Technical Director of SEWT. Besides the perfect geographical conditions in Morocco, solar energy solutions are highly attractive for farmer associations, companies and the private sector. The range of installations includes small systems of up to four kilowatt peak (kWp) for domestic use as well as large systems implemented for commercial purposes with an output that equals or exceeds 300 kWp.
The training held by IBC SOLAR and SEWT along with the electronic service company Steca Elektronik provided the participants with knowledge about grid-connected and off-grid PV systems of different sizes. The workshop’s first day for the around 30 participants was program focused on off-grid photovoltaic systems with and without batteries. It covered design and dimensioning of PV installations, the selection of suitable components and the correct electrical implementation of these systems. Small off-grid PV systems, in particular, are frequently used in Morocco for the electrification of private households or for individual applications such as irrigation systems and water wells. The workshop schedule for the second day focused on grid-connected systems. These installations play an increasing role in Morocco, especially when it comes to businesses producing their own energy for self-consumption.
SEWT in Morocco is currently responsible for managing a network of over 40 professional installation companies who will be offered additional training courses in cooperation with the German system house IBC SOLAR.
At Intersolar Europe 2014 in Munich, SEWT has signed a contract with IBC SOLAR. The contract guarantees SEWT complete exclusivity as IBC SOLAR Premium Partner for the Moroccan market.

Picture 1: Training for installers: participants
Picture 2: In 2012 IBC SOLAR has installed an off-grid PV installation for a water pump system in Douar Arzan, Morocco.