IBC SOLAR presents new IBC SolStore storage systems with additional backup box for stand-by power supply

Sets have been approved for use in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Belgium

Bad Staffelstein / Germany, March 3, 2014 – IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic systems, now makes using solar energy storage units even easier and more efficient: the new IBC SolStore systems are now available as complete systems and are supplied with all components required for installation, including battery inverters. Type and size of the battery can be selected individually so that installers are able to adapt the storage system to end customers' requests. In addition, the integrated energy management system enables system operators to control their targeted consumption and use solar energy as efficiently as possible. The new IBC SolStore Backup-Box ensures proper energy supply from the storage unit even in case of power cuts.
The new complete sets are available with four different battery systems: two lead gel models with 8 or 16 kWh, one lithium ion model with 5 kWh or a lead gel battery rack with selectable capacity. All storage systems are available as single-phase or three-phase solutions, and they are supplied as complete systems including battery inverters as well as all required additional components and an energy management system for targeted consumer control. As a result, system operators can make ideal use of the solar energy and increase self-consumption.
Based on the system principle, both installers and end customers will benefit to the same extent. The installer receives a complete set ready for installation with perfectly coordinated components that can be used immediately. However, end customers also benefit from the particularly fast and cost-effective installation. Thanks to its modular design principle, the IBC SolStore system now offers even more combinations allowing installers to adapt the storage solutions precisely to the respective end customer application.
Customers who choose a lead gel battery have the option to integrate the new IBC SolStore Backup-Box, which guarantees a stand-by power function for IBC SolStore storage systems. In case of power cuts, the optional component automatically switches to backup electricity within five seconds and supplies consumers inside the building with energy. The backup box is easy to install, small-sized and can simply be retrofitted to existing plants.
IBC SOLAR’s storage technology scores with a long service life, high cycle stability and operational stability. The four new complete sets IBC SolStore L1, IBC SolStore L3, IBC SolStore XL1 and IBC SolStore XL3 are now available via IBC Solar Premium Partners. End customers in Germany may also apply for state funding for all storage systems, amounting to a maximum of 30 percent of acquisition costs. The sets have been approved for use not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Denmark and Belgium.