IBC SOLAR is first system service provider to offer solar cables that comply with new European standard

IBC FlexiSun VDE standard cable with ten year product warranty meets EN 50618 standard

Bad Staffelstein, January 13, 2016 – IBC SOLAR AG, one of the world's leading photovoltaic system providers, has had the IBC FlexiSun solar cable in its portfolio for more than ten years. The latest version of the all-purpose solar cable, which is designed to be placed underground and produced in Bavaria, meets the new standard EN 50618. IBC SOLAR is therefore currently the only system service provider in Germany that offers solar cables that comply with the new European standard. IBC SOLAR is also increasing the duration of the solar cable’s warranty to up to ten years.
For more than ten years, IBC FlexiSun has been used to ensure a consistently good system output and reliable yields from photovoltaic systems in all climate zones around the world. With 30 years life expectancy the solar cable is one of the most durable products available on the market. This is also evident from practical experiences from the past decade: no defect attributable to a material weakness has been documented as affecting any of the 80,000 kilometres of IBC FlexiSun sold to date. This has prompted IBC SOLAR to provide the solar cable with a ten-year-long product warranty as standard, one of the longest warranties on the market.

Complying with the latest standards
The latest generation of IBC FlexiSun solar cables meets the new European EN 50618 standard. This standard regulates the features, requirements and use of cables and wires designed for photovoltaic systems. The aim is to make sure that PV cables conform to a consistent quality standard at a European level.  IBC SOLAR is the first system service provider in Germany that offers solar cables of this standard. The new IBC FlexiSun has already been certified as a standard cable by the VDE. In addition to this, TÜV certification is issued. As is the case with all IBC SOLAR products, the quality of IBC FlexiSun is ensured by constant inspections carried out by production partners.
Buriable and durable
IBC SOLAR also uses tried and tested product features in the latest generation IBC FlexiSun. Unlike many other solar cables, it can be buried underground. This eliminates the costly procedure of laying empty conduits to provide cable protection, especially when constructing large-scale open-space projects. Long cable life is ensured through its verified resistance to water, ammonia and abrasion. IBC FlexiSun is also an ideal and durable choice for roof-mounted systems – it can be used in all climate zones and can be laid at temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius thanks to its high temperature tolerance. Additionally there is available a completely new cable type coated with tinned copper mesh. This coating effectively protects the cable from being chewed by rodents.
The new IBC FlexiSun is available by the end of January 2016 and can be purchased from IBC SOLAR Premium Partners worldwide.