IBC SOLAR extends Product Warranty for Solar Modules

Effective since October 1, 2011, photovoltaics specialist IBC SOLAR offers a 10-year product warranty for all solar modules within the IBC MonoSol and IBC PolySol series. The new warranty conditions complement the linear power warranty which has been introduced by IBC SOLAR for both series on January 1, 2011.
With this warranty extension, IBC SOLAR offers customers more confidence: If modules from the IBC MonoSol and IBC PolySol series should exhibit any defects resulting from manufacturing or material faults, compromising the modules’ functionality, the product warranty period will be twice as long as in the past.

In addition to the 10-year product warranty, owners of photovoltaics systems also benefit from IBC SOLAR’s linear power warranty stating that IBC PolySol and MonoSol modules achieve 100% of their minimum power specified in their data sheets. The 25-year linear power warranty ensures that the modules’ annual power degradation does not exceed 0.8%. Thus, the modules will deliver at least 80% of their rated power after 25 years of operation. If the products fail to meet this target, IBC SOLAR will compensate for the power loss.
“We have continuously extended or quality management in recent years for the benefit of our customers and owners of PV systems”, explains Marco Siller, Director of Product Management at IBC SOLAR. “This extended product warranty reflects our high quality standards and offers our customers more confidence and increased investment protection.”