IBC SOLAR extends mounting system with AeroFix base rail G2 Eco

Proven aerodynamic system - economical and easy to install

Bad Staffelstein / Germany, April 23, 2020 – IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy storage, expands the portfolio in the area of the aerodynamic mounting system IBC AeroFix. The new G2 Eco base rail is especially designed for roofs with pressure-resistant insulation, e.g. concrete or gravel and thanks to its material-saving design it is highly cost-efficient.

Small design adjustment with a big impact
The narrow construction and the associated material savings of the new G2 Eco base rail not only allow a cost saving production but also enable space-saving storage. In addition, it is particularly easy to use: building protection mats are already installed. As already known from the proven AeroFix mounting system, the butt connectors and supports are to be  attached to the base rail. A sufficiently large distance between the individual building protection mats ensures safe water drainage.

Flexible to use and easy handling
The new AeroFix base rail G2 Eco is available in the lengths 5.40 m and 2.20 m. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility with different module field sizes, whereby the rails can be assembled easily and with minimal effort. Due to the narrower contact area, the G2 Eco is particularly suitable for stable concrete and gravel roofs, where a large-area load distribution is not necessary. Additionally, the base rail can also be used on bitumen and foil coverings, if the compressive strength of the insulation allows the installation.

The base rails will be available in May 2020.