IBC SOLAR exclusively partners with photovoltaic expert SEWT sarl in Morocco

Companies combine their strength to deliver high valued PV solutions to the Moroccan market

Bad Staffelstein / Temara, July 1, 2014 – SEWT sarl (Sun Energy and Water Technologies), a solar specialist established in Morocco, has entered into an agreement with the German IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems. SEWT is now IBC SOLAR’s exclusive distribution partner for the Moroccan PV market.

At this year’s Intersolar Europe in Munich, SEWT has signed a contract with the German system integrator: The Moroccan solar expert will have complete exclusivity as IBC SOLAR Premium Partner for the Moroccan market. Both parties benefit from this mutual agreement: IBC SOLAR guarantees a reliable supply of German high-quality products and services, whilst SEWT is familiar with the local market structure. Furthermore, SEWT and IBC SOLAR aim to set up a strong network of well-trained experts by providing training courses to local installers. SEWT is specialised in renewable energy systems such as driving water pumping systems and turn-key installed PV systems for the residential and commercial sector.

“The Moroccan PV market holds significant potential for growth, particularly in the sector of small and medium-sized installations for private households and commercial self-consumption,” said Ali Hajii, Technical Director of SEWT. Besides the perfect geographical conditions in Morocco, solar energy solutions are highly attractive for farmer associations, companies and the private sector, especially when it comes to reliable water supply in farm irrigation or water wells.

In result to the new partnership, Hajii states that: “We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and see this as an integral and core part of our business. We are looking forward to further developing our presence in the North African market together with IBC SOLAR. The system integrator offers a wide range of PV equipment and maintains an excellent reputation.”

IBC SOLAR shares this commitment, which makes the partnership not only fruitful for both companies, but also beneficial for the customers. For many years, IBC SOLAR is internationally established, with subsidiaries and Premium Partners in more than 30 important and growing international markets inside and outside of Europe. For the PV expert, premium partnerships have proven successful in many other markets. Well-established in their local markets, the Premium Partners are familiar with the markets’ cultural peculiarities and structures, and offer solutions that meet the specific needs of their customers. In return, IBC SOLAR guarantees its partners a reliable supply of high-quality products, unique service, and access to the know-how and experience of one of the pioneers of the PV industry.