IBC AeroFix – a solid lightweight mounting system

IBC SOLAR’s aerodynamically-optimised, self-supporting mounting system allows for optimum use of flat roof surfaces

Bad Staffelstein / Germany, February 18, 2013 – IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic systems, today presents its IBC AeroFix, a PV mounting system especially developed for flat roofs with low load capacity. The aerodynamic, material-optimized system features top-level stability, optimum surface utilisation and ease of installation. IBC AeroFix is available in three different versions and suitable for a wide variety of PV system sizes and roof alignments. Its installation does not require any screw fitting with the roof, so the roof skin remains totally intact. Therefore, IBC AeroFix can also be used for PV installations on bituminous and foil-sealed roofs.

The self-supporting IBC AeroFix is made of corrosion resistant aluminium and stainless steel. It is especially designed for all flat roofs with a solar system which do not tolerate additional ballast. The innovative, aerodynamically optimised solution showed impressive results in tests carried out in approved boundary-layer wind tunnels which simulate realistic environmental conditions according to the strict specifications of the Windtechnologische Gesellschaft e.V. (WTG), a German wind engineering society. Even with heavy wind loads, IBC AeroFix is absolutely windproof. Thus, it meets the latest building inspector guidelines of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

The new mounting system provides a high degree of prefabrication and features an integrated, non-slip protective membrane. Thus, PV systems can be installed easily and quickly as fewer assembly steps are required. The system does not feature wind-protective side panels. This provides for a reduction in weight and price. The flexible IBC AeroFix enables installers to optimally take advantage of all available surface on flat roofs – from really big roofs to the very smallest, such as garage roofs. This is made possible by the narrow spaces between the individual module rows and low edge distances to the edge of the building.

The versatile PV mounting systems shows its strengths especially in East-West installations (photo). For installation and maintenance purposes, installers enjoy easier access to the cables and connectors on the back of the modules thanks to the V-shaped elevation. In addition, installers can make optimal use of the existing surface, since the module array can be completed with both a rear wall and an additional row of modules.

“With the IBC AeroFix mounting system, we are offering our Premium Partners innovative, highly stable mounting solution for roofs that in fact should not be burdened. This includes garages and hall roofs,” says Kristijan Fotak, Product Manager Mounting Systems at IBC SOLAR. “The high-quality, long-life materials of IBC AeroFix, the well thought-out installation concept and the attractive price-performance ratio ensure a high level of quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. IBC SOLAR has poured years of experience with low-ballast flat roof systems into the in-house development of this mounting system.”

IBC AeroFix is available in three different versions:

• IBC AeroFix 15: for large, flat roofs at a height of up to 20 meters, with a minimum of 2x5 PV modules in typical South orientation and 15° module inclination. Standard distance between bottom supports: 1.80 meters.
• IBC AeroFix 15 Kits: for small flat roofs at a height of up to six meters (e.g. garages), with a minimum of 2x2 PV modules in typical South orientation and 15° module inclination. Standard distance between bottom supports: 1.80 meters.
• IBC AeroFix 10: for flat roofs at a height of up to 20 meters, with a minimum of 2x5 PV modules in East-West orientation, 10° module inclination and installation-friendly V-shaped elevation. Completed with sheet metal rear wall (IBC AeroFix 10EW-B) or with an additional row of modules (IBC AeroFix 10EW-M). Standard distance between bottom supports: 2.30 meters.

IBC AeroFix is suitable for modules with a width of 950 to 1000 mm and a length of 1630 to 170 mm. It can be combined with the building-authority approved components of the IBC TopFix 200 mounting system. IBC SOLAR offers a 10-year guarantee for IBC AeroFix which is available starting in March 2013 via all IBC SOLAR Premium Partners.