Electric car charger - save money with solar power

Electric car charging station with solar power

Electromobility can only be a completely climate-friendly alternative to diesel and petrol if the electricity is generated from a renewable source. As far as IBC SOLAR is concerned solar power and driving with an electric car go hand in hand.

Drive environmentally friendly as well as cost effectively by charging your electric car at home with electricity produced by your own solar system.

With an electric car you not only protecting the environment, but also helping to reduce your expenses. If the electricity used to charge your electric car comes directly from your solar installation it will save you up to 80% on "fuel costs" compared to gasoline engines.


What is the advantage of having a solar installation in combination with a electric charging station for an electric car?

  • Unbeatable "fuel costs" of less than 2 euros per 100 km
  • Self-consumption optimization
  • Climate-friendly alternative to mains power
  • Free from rising electricity costs

How much solar power must be produced from a solar installation to cover my annual mileage?

Infographic: How far can you travel with an electric car with one square meter of photovoltaic?

A solar system with a minimum output of about 1.7 kilowatt peak is recommended for an annual mileage of 10,000 km. Under these circumstances a roof area of roughly 10m² would be sufficient.

Your solar installation will then supply clean electricity for your e-mobility needs over the next 30 years.

Calculate what the surface area of your roof can generate now

How much does it cost to charge an electric car for a range of 100km?

For every 100 kilometers travelled with an electric car about €9.90 of electricity costs are incurred with the current average electricity prices in Germany. If you use pure solar power to charge the electric car it would result in only €1.80 per 100 kilometers.

 Petrol:  8,0 l x 1,90 EUR/l  = 15,20 EUR
 Diesel:  6,0 l x 2,00 EUR/l  = 12,00 EUR
 Electricity (Mains):  18 kWh x 0,55 €  = 9,90 EUR
 Electricity (Solar power):  18 kWh x 0,10 €  = 1,80 EUR

The figures above are based on the German market and should be used as a guideline only.

Using the Renault ZOE as an example (currently the best-selling electric car in Europe), you can clearly see the low cost involved in charging an electric car.

How long is the charging time of an electric car?

In most cases you can charge an electric car at any standard outlet. However, charging may take up to 20 hours or more. That is why a fixed charging station is the best choice for charging at home.

This is called a wallbox and is able to charge up to 20 times faster and safer. An electric car would then be fully charged in just over an hour.

IBC SOLAR can provide a suitable, future-proof charging station for electric cars.

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