Photovoltaics for your home

A variety of applications – depending on your needs

How PV Works

The smartest way to generate electricity out of sunlight

Photovoltaic System

A photovoltaic or PV system utilizes the endless energy resource of the sun.

A PV module uses semiconductor material, similar to computer chips, to transform sunlight into direct current. This process does not use any moving parts and works even in areas with limited sunshine hours. The generated direct current is then transformed into alternating current via a so called inverter. The AC power can either be consumed on site, stored with a battery or fed back into the power grid.

To sum up PV is the smartest way to generate electricity:

  • NO moving parts - extremely long lasting components
  • NO noise - no disruption to your personal life
  • Highly robust components - no concerns about repairs
  • Energy generation at consumption place - no need for transmission lines
  • Proven and Safe technology - you can benefit 30 years and more from your investment
  • NO fuel cost - once up and running there are no additional fuel costs

Remember: the sun will never send you an invoice for energy!

Electricity Cost Savings

Still spending, or ready to save?

Cheaper than energy providers: Set your own electricity prices

Top quality IBC SOLAR PV systems offer you savings potential in a number of areas. After all, in most countries, generating solar energy has become cheaper than purchasing electricity from energy companies.

The more low-cost solar power you consume yourself, the less you will need to buy from your energy provider, and the lower your energy bill will be. Any electricity you do not use will be fed into the public grid. This makes your system an attractive investment.

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Storage solutions

Use solar power even when the sun isn’t shining

More independence thanks to IBC SOLAR's energy storage solutions

Photovoltaic plants supply you with electricity - as long as the sun is shining. We offer clever systems to make sure that you don't experience downtime at night. We can achieve this by combining our solar energy plants together with storage units so that you can store the solar energy you produce during the day and then access it whenever you need it.

And by the way: Our storage units are compatible with almost any existing system, so if you already own a photovoltaic plant, you can retrofit it with one of our storage solutions.

The advantages are clear:

  • You can access your solar power whenever you like.
  • You increase the amount of solar energy you consume yourself.
  • You save even more on electricity costs - up to 80%.
  • Having your own power reserves gives you even more freedom from rising electricity prices.
  • Even if your public grid supply is interrupted, you still have power.

Save diesel, cut costs – use hybrid systems

A reliable, smart power supply for your home

For years, oil prices have been rising while the cost of solar plants have been steadily falling. By focusing on hybrid systems in off-grid regions where diesel engines are used to supply power, we are investing in the future: using the sun's energy for normal operation and switching to diesel operation only when the PV system fails to supply enough power - thus cutting energy costs on a lasting basis and protecting the environment.

Photovoltaics can also be used, of course, to operate hybrid vehicles - simply charge the batteries via the PV system and save diesel.

  • Save diesel
  • Protect the environment
  • Create a secure power supply.

An independent power supply – even without a power grid

Our off-grid systems bring electricity to isolated regions

Energy provides security and convenience and makes work easier. All over the world. For this reason, IBC SOLAR supplies regions around the world that are not connected to the power grid with environmentally friendly solar energy. We provide a stand-alone power supply using off-grid photovoltaic systems. And our off-grid systems also help where power grids are unstable: they provide uninterrupted emergency power in case of power failure.

Our off-grid solutions are tailored entirely to specific requirements in each case and range from relatively small private solutions to supplying whole villages and delivering industrial solutions.

  • Secure power supply in isolated areas
  • Emergency power systems for fluctuating power grids

Other possibilities for using your PV electricity

Electric cars, electric heating – clean solar energy has a wide variety of uses. Explore the possibilities!

E-mobility Heat generation

Electric cars offer cheap, emissions-free travel

Don't fill up - charge up! When you use solar energy for your electric car, you don't just make your vehicle more environmentally friendly - you also ease the strain on your wallet.

A free ride for the environment

Electric cars get you where you're going in an eco-friendly way. Even when using conventional electricity sources, you produce less CO2 than with gas-powered vehicles: just 0.5 kg CO2 per kWh.

Charging your e-car with solar energy makes it an even more environmentally friendly option, reducing your small car's emissions to zero point zero! And IBC SOLAR photovoltaic systems and storage solutions give you the perfect foundation.

Solar energy reduces your fuel costs

Electric cars don't just benefit the environment, they're also a boon to your budget. "Filling up" an e-car with grid electricity costs much less per "tank" than a comparable gas-powered vehicle. And using energy from your own solar plant makes it even cheaper.

Generating heat with solar power: Heating and hot water systems

Your heat pump, heating elements or infrared heating units can link up perfectly to your solar plant:

  • Lowering your operating costs
  • Reducing your heat generation-related emissions
  • Increasing the amount of solar energy you can consume yourself

Want to save energy costs with photovoltaics?

Use the IBC solar energy calculator to plan your system, and contact us to arrange your individual consultation!

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