Easy going: Solar energy solutions by IBC SOLAR

IBC SOLAR offers top-quality, sophisticated systems and optimised solutions you can count on

A strong partner for your ideal PV solution

A strong partner for your ideal PV solution

IBC SOLAR photovoltaic solutions are sophisticated systems made up of high-quality components working in perfect harmony. They are planned and designed to ensure optimum yields.

IBC SOLAR represents 40 years of innovation in photovoltaics, and with 1,000 Premium Partners around the world, we are always close at hand. Discover the advantages and the security that our extensive experience can provide you:

  • Better product and service warranties
  • Professional implementation by your qualified IBC SOLAR Premium Partner
  • Expert contacts on everything from planning and installation to monitoring and maintenance
  • What does that mean for you? A secure investment and reliable yields!

Expert knowledge that pays off

Each one of our systems is built with over 40 years of experience in solar technology.

More than 5 GW in IBC SOLAR photovoltaic solutions have been installed worldwide, which vouches for the security, durability and maximum yields they provide.

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Smart Systems for Solar Power

Proven quality for secure investments

For IBC SOLAR, the quality of its products has always been the focus. That is why we put our modules and mounting systems through their paces, for instance in the SUNLAB PV test laboratory and at our unique test facility.

Modules and mounting systems are of crucial importance for the longevity of a solar installation. Our specially developed mounting systems IBC TopFix 200 and IBC AeroFix for example, all have technical approval.

In addition to our own IBC SOLAR products, we also purchase third-party products from renowned manufacturers, which are selected and tested according to strict quality standards.

IBC SOLAR PV solutions are a secure investment:

  • German-engineered quality
  • Valuable warranties
  • Financial stability and certified creditworthiness

Our quality promise

IBC SOLAR gives you tested quality throughout your entire PV solution. How do we make sure of that?

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An important stamp of quality: International certifications by independent institutions such as the TÜV, the VDE and the Fraunhofer Institute vouch for our excellent standards, guaranteeing maximum yields and exceptional safety and reliability.

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The Value-Added Modules of the IBC SOLAR Line

Discover IBC SOLAR's Value-Added Modules, which offer you

EEEASILY MORE - Excellent. Efficient. Expert.

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Personally available: Your trained IBC SOLAR Premium Partner

IBC SOLAR PV systems are available through our Premium Partners - PV specialists in your region who have been trained intensively by IBC SOLAR.

You can count on them as experienced experts who:

  • will plan your photovoltaic system on site,
  • provide professional installation services,
  • and respond quickly to any service calls.

We have a close relationship to our customers... literally! We have more than 1,000 Premium Partners working in around 30 countries worldwide.

15 Years Combination Warranty

On IBC SOLAR modules and IBC SOLAR mounting systems together.

Whether material weakness or loss of performance - if either occurs, you do not want to have discussions, but a quick and easy solution. Absolutely free of charge and only with IBC SOLAR.

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