Residential Solutions from IBC SOLAR

Take energy supply into your own hands – with an IBC SOLAR photovoltaic solution.

How you can benefit from a PV system

Benefit from a PV System

Having an IBC SOLAR photovoltaic system on your roof lets you turn solar radiation into energy you can use – in many ways.

  • On-grid, off-grid or hybrid solutions: Perfectly customized to your requirements
  • Direct self-consumption of solar power: Gaining independence from energy suppliers and reducing your electricity bills
  • Storage to increase self-consumption share: Ensuring that you can use solar power even when the sun is not shining
  • Storage to secure constant supply: Using your own power in the event of short-term blackouts
  • Choose the sustainable option: Clean solar energy benefits not only your wallet, but the environment as well

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Simplified with IBC SOLAR

Enjoy the benefits of smart systems for solar power

IBC SOLAR PV systems represent a safe investment and guaranteed results:

Our Premium Partners provide you with customised solutions, unmatched in terms of quality and savings potential.

Good reasons for choosing IBC SOLAR:

  • Greater security thanks to over 35 years of experience in photovoltaic solutions
  • Reliable performance through better product and service warranties
  • Maximum yields and reliability through German-engineered quality
  • Local Expertise through IBC SOLAR Premium Partners


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Calculate YOUR savings potential

Find out how much you can reduce your energy costs in just a few clicks

One thing is for sure: Solar energy offers massive savings potential.

Calculating what that potential looks like for you is a breeze. Just put a few details into our solar energy calculator, and you'll discover how much you'll save on energy costs by producing clean electricity for self-consumption.


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