Solar Inverters

Located between solar modules and the power grid, the solar inverter is the heart of a solar installation. It converts direct current from solar cells into grid-compatible alternating current. With grid-independent power, it forms an independent power supply for all AC-operated electrical appliances into which further solar inverters can then also feed. This is also the case for backup systems.

However the solar inverter does not only function as a current transformer. As the multifunctional heart of a wide variety of photovoltaic systems, the solar inverter also fulfils a wide range of other tasks:

Solar Inverters

These include:

  • Monitoring and controlling of the entire photovoltaic system
  • Helps achieve maximum performance
  • The recording of all operating data
  • For grid-connected systems, automatic disconnection from the grid is possible if required
  • Interruption of the grid supply
  • Protection of the network against overloading
  • For mains-independent backup systems, switching from mains to emergency power within a few milliseconds in the event of a power failure - for an uninterrupted power supply.

Numerous inverters in various performance classes are available on the market. Your IBC SOLAR specialist partner knows the differences and will know which one is right for you. They will also ensure the correct installation at a suitable location.


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