The IBC SOLAR product portfolio: Systematic solar power

Products which meet the highest standards. Components which complement each other perfectly. This is exactly what IBC SOLAR stands for. This means you can offer your customer the photovoltaic system that is tailored precisely to his/her requirements. As each product has to meet our outstanding quality standards, you, the installer, can be sure that you are using purely high-quality solutions.

Here is an overview of the key components, their system function and the essential product features.

Solar modules

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Module for module top quality: Whether it be photovoltaic systems for homes, industry or PV power plants, the value-added modules of IBC SOLAR are always the ideal solution.

  • Perfect combination of materials and module design –  the result of over 40 years of experience
  • 15-year guarantee and certified credit rating –  a secure investment in the future
  • Extensive inspections in production and our own laboratory –  maximum reliability for the entire module life cycle

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"Transformers" and more: Inverters don't just convert direct current from solar cells into alternating current. They also carry out a range of control and protective functions.

Strong brands in our portfolio:

  • Fronius – highly-functional, grid-connected inverters from Austria
  • SMA – global market leader for on- and off-grid systems
  • Sungrow – one of the leading industry manufacturers for PV inverters
  • GoodWe – world's No. 1 in the production of hybrid inverters
  • Enphase – global market leader in the field of microinverters

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Storage systems

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Safe and durable: Solar batteries and storage systems from IBC SOLAR reliably store the generated solar power and provide it on demand.

  • Lead-gel batteries
  • Lithium-based  batteries
  • Strong brands, e.g. MOLL, LG Chem, BYD, BMZ

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Mounting systems

Mounting structures for every roof: IBC SOLAR offers the perfect mounting solution for every surface and photovoltaic system, customised or as a modular component.

  • Maximum certainty in technical configuration – due to uniform components both for IBC TopFix 200 for pitched roofs and IBC AeroFix for flat roofs
  • Short mounting times –  thanks to a high level of prefabrication and a modular system
  • Outstanding value for money – reliability guaranteed for a long service life
  • Economy of time and simple design – using a comprehensive planning software PV Manager for your PV projects

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Solar power accessories, high-performance cables for photovoltaic systems and much more:

IBC SOLAR offers an extensive product range which completes the systems.

  • IBC FlexiSun solar cable –  durable and certified according to the latest EU standard
  • Monitoring systems –  simple monitoring of systems large and small


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Off-grid solutions

Solar power without grid: From the smallest system to the village power supply – you can find products for off-grid solutions of all sizes in the IBC SOLAR portfolio.

  • Backup systems
  • PV hybrid systems
  • Solar powered water-pump solutions

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