Change of management at IBC SOLAR: Dr Dirk Haft new CEO, founder Udo Möhrstedt moves to the Supervisory Board


Bad Staffelstein, 21.11.2023 – IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of SOLAR energy solutions, announces an important change at top level regarding company management. At the end of the year, founder and CEO Udo Möhrstedt moves to the Supervisory Board. Dr Dirk Haft will take over as Chairman of the Board of Management from 1 January 2024. Dr Haft has been Co-CEO at IBC SOLAR since October 2022 and previously served on the Supervisory Board.

With the change of management, IBC SOLAR is reaffirming its future growth and its role as a leading company in the solar industry. Udo Möhrstedt is one of the great pioneers worldwide in the PV industry. He founded IBC SOLAR in 1982 at a time when the possibilities of solar energy were virtually unknown and its use on a large scale was considered impossible. His foresight in believing in photovoltaics as a future leading technology for sustainable power generation was unparalleled at the time. With great entrepreneurial skill, he founded and led a company dedicated to making photovoltaics accessible to as many people as possible worldwide. The company still continues with this goal and upholds its values today. They have become part of its DNA. Udo Möhrstedt will transition to the supervisory board of IBC SOLAR in the future. He will take over the chairmanship from Gertrud Moll-Möhrstedt and, along with her, Volker Börries, and Dr. Stefan Reineck, will ensure the continuity of his mission.

The Supervisory Board was able to recruit Dr Dirk Haft as the new Chairman of the Board of Management. Dr Haft has been closely associated with IBC SOLAR for many years and has taken on the role of Co-CEO since the end of 2022. He was previously a member of the Supervisory Board. Prior to his appointment on the executive team of IBC SOLAR, Dr. Haft gained extensive experience in various executive positions within the semiconductor industry and mechanical engineering, including serving on the board of Wittenstein SE. Dr Haft will further develop and implement the growth strategy together with the team on the Executive Board.

Udo Möhrstedt, founder of IBC SOLAR, says: "I am pleased that with Dr Dirk Haft we were able to gain an extremely competent and experienced personality for the top management of IBC SOLAR. This also opens up new perspectives for my IBC SOLAR. I am also pleased to continue to support the company in an advisory capacity as a member of the Supervisory Board."

Dr Dirk Haft, future CEO of IBC SOLAR: "IBC SOLAR is one of the most successful international solar companies today. Udo Möhrstedt led the company with an amazing pioneering spirit for decades. I want to continue this spirit in the company and steer it through the coming times in a stable and agile manner. I would like to thank Udo Möhrstedt and the entire IBC SOLAR team for the trust they have placed in me."

Picture Captions:
Photo 1: Dr. Dirk Haft
Photo 2: Udo Möhrstedt