Internships and thesis work

Name: Sahel Zuraiqat

Year: 2016/2017

Course of Studies: Energy Engineering

University: German Jordanian University

Semester: 10

My name is Sahel Zuraiqat, I am 23 years old and study energy engineering at the German Jordanian University. I choose studying at this university because I wanted to have a chance to make a year as an exchange student in Germany. I did my first semester in Bremerhaven HS and I got the opportunity to do my internship in IBC SOLAR.

IBC SOLAR is one of the best companies not only in Germany but worldwide. My Internship started in September 2016 and lasted to February 2017. At first it was not easy because my language was not that good but the employees here in IBC SOLAR were very nice to me, and then it has become easier and more pleasant.

When we started a new project, my task was to make the design and when I finished with it I did the mass calculation. When it was approved I started making the Layouts.

I especially liked the fact that I was able to implement what I had learned in my studies. In addition, the combination of field work and office work has helped my progress tremendously and I have improved both my technical and my linguistic skills.

I was able to improve my communication skills, my teamwork and my social skills through the internship. During this time I have been able to expand my knowledge.

Finally, I can say that the five months at IBC Solar have rewarded me with amazing experiences. In addition, I've met many wonderful people and this is the most valuable thing I'll take home with me.

Mit sonnigen Grüßen

Sahel Zuraiqat.