Internships and thesis work

Name: Muhammet Tahir Güneser

Year: 2012

Course of Studies: Electrical and Electronics Engeneering

University: University of Karabük, Turkey

I have started the internship at IBC SOLAR on 2nd of July 2012. My colleagues prepared a six weeks time schedule for me that included task oriented co-operation in different project teams.


First step was to understand the work and the equipment. The software such as AutoCAD and Sunny Design are essential tools for this kind of work.

I spent some time of my internship with the project "Bürgersolarpark Staats" of 13,543.20 kWp.  I determined the inverter connections of the plant with our project team. Also cabling systems and ditch types of the plant were planned by us.


I had also a special task about Turkey. We had to design a model project of 500kWp solar plant for Turkey. Additionally we were supposed to explain the Turkish market structure, feed in tariff and licensing issues of solar plants. 


At the end of the task we prepared a presentation about it for our colleagues in the Technical Department. Furthermore I had the chance to participate in an intercultural seminar about Turkey. It was very interesting for me to listen to German people speak Turkish. I tried to give additional detailed information about Turkey to my colleagues.


The last 6 weeks were very interesting for me. My colleagues from the Technical Department were very supportive during my internship. Once again I want to thank all of them again for their kindness and openness.



Muhammet Tahir Güneser (July / August 2012)