Internships and thesis work

Name: Hamza Alnawafah

Year: 2016

Course of Studies: Renewable energy management

University: German Jordanian University

Semester: 8

My name is Hamza Alnawafah, I am 22 years and study Energy at the German Jordanian University in Amman, Jordan. I started my internship with IBC SOLAR in Bad Staffelstein on 1st August 2016. With the warm welcome by the people in Technical Department I felt comfortable at my new work place from the very start.

What I did like in particular is, that I was able to use immediately what I had learnt at university. I also benefitted greatly from the combination of field work and office work, and I could improve my technical and linguistic skills. The plant visits helped me to better envisage what I did in the office and allowed me to work more efficiently. My internship was  quite versatile which I enjoyed very much. I had the opportunity to work alone on responsible tasks, e.g. I prepared an inverter failure statistic for all IBC SOLAR Projects. But I also worked in a team, e.g. when some interns and I were given a project to increase IBC SOLAR’s test plant.

The daily work with various kinds of computer software was very instructive. My MS Office-skills have improved a lot through calculations and a lot of other tasks. Also, I frequently used AutoCAD for drawings - from module layouts to cable duct cross sections, and analysed the energy losses at electricity production through photovoltaic with PVsyst.

Finally, I can say that for my 20 weeks with IBC SOLAR I was rewarded with exciting experiences. Moreover, I met many wonderful people which is the most valuable thing to take home with me.

With sunny regards
Hamza Alnawafah