Intelligent energy management for your company

Store energy and manage it smartly

In order to ensure that as much of your self-generated electricity flows into your company , we recommend that you use an energy management system (EMS) that measures, displays, directs and records the energy flow from outside (power grid, PV system) and within the company (consumption).

With the information gained in this way, the EMS can perfectly coordinate your power generation and power consumption and regulate energy flow – this applies to the electricity, heating, air conditioning and mobility sectors – efficiently and as required. This increases your self-consumption ratio and also helps to reduce your energy costs.

The EMS should therefore be an integral part of any comprehensive energy solution. IBC SOLAR is happy to support you in all of the following areas:

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Financing
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M)


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An intelligent EMS carries out the following functions

Enhancing self-consumption with a storage system:

The EMS ensures that electricity production surpluses can be stored in a battery storage system and made available again if required. This leads to maximum self-consumption of your self-generated electricity, even when the sun is not shining.

The advantage is clear: you can cover an even greater proportion of your energy requirement with affordable electricity produced in-house, avoid expensive load peaks and save money on your energy costs.

Load management:

Active load management influences your load profile to the extent that energy consumption is shifted from periods of low sunlight to sunny hours.

This is ensured by an intelligent control unit that has access to weather forecasts. This means you are making the most of your solar power.


If the electricity demand is particularly high for a short period, peaks in consumption occur. They have a significant impact on electricity procurement costs, because these are measured according to the highest output in the billing period.

The higher the peaks, the greater the electricity costs. Peak shaving smoothes out these peak loads and lowers the price of electricity.

E-mobility management:

Electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. So if you switch your entire fleet of vehicles to e-mobility in addition to your forklift trucks, the EMS will help ensure smooth operation and cost optimisation.

In addition, there are many tax incentives and subsidies.

Emergency power function:

Solar power systems must be disconnected from the public grid in the event of a power failure. If the battery storage system has an emergency power function, the necessary parts of your company will continue to be supplied with electricity even if there is a power failure.

This eliminates the need for expensive, maintenance-intensive and environmentally harmful diesel generators.

Grid-related services:

Due to variable feed-in of renewable energy, there are regular fluctuations in the electricity grid. Grid operators are responsible for keeping the grid permanently stable. To do this, they require energy capacities that are available at short notice. This is the so-called control power which is also referred to as control energy.

This energy can be made available by your storage system in a fraction of a second and thus help to stabilise the power grid.