Competitive advantages thanks to intelligent PV solutions

Whether for small businesses or large corporations, craft trades or industrial operations, our photovoltaic solutions provide exceptional savings potential and can be adapted to a wide variety of needs.

Investing in a sunny future

How can you maximise solar energy’s benefits for yourself? With IBC SOLAR solutions, tailored perfectly to your company’s requirements.

High-quality IBC SOLAR PV solutions create the basis for successful energy management.

  • You reduce your electricity costs,
  • gain security in the event of blackouts or unstable grid, 
  • reduce fuel procurement costs, 
  • secure 24h supply, and
  • promote of positive corporate image.


That gives you the edge in the market. 

Producing energy for self-consumption is worthwhile for any business

Minimise your electricity costs, maximise your independence

With IBC SOLAR photovoltaic plants, you cover a portion of your electricity needs by simply producing the energy for your facilities yourself.  In doing so, you benefit from electricity prices that are significantly lower than those set by energy providers.

Having your own solar plant allows you to secure low electricity prices for at least 20 years. After you’ve written your system off from your taxes, you practically produce electricity for free.

Examples of commercial self-consumption

Efficient teamwork

PV diesel hybrid systems reduce costs and increase security

Hotels, hospitals, farms – commercial enterprises in particular often depend on a reliable power supply. In isolated off-grid regions or areas with an unstable supply, diesel generators are mainly used these days. By contrast with rising diesel prices, the cost of solar installations has been falling for some time. So why not switch to environmentally friendly PV systems?

Their advantages are obvious: reduced costs, reliability, lower maintenance costs, lower CO2 emissions. With an intelligent control unit, existing diesel generators are only used when necessary. This means that a reliable energy supply is permanently guaranteed where it is urgently needed.