A secure investment for your business

You can rely on IBC SOLAR PV energy solutions and our Premium Partners’ expert knowledge.

Smart systems for solar power - reliable and made-to-measure

The most important factor for maximum benefit from using solar power is having a solar solution as individual as your business. And this is one of our core competencies:

IBC SOLAR offers PV, hybrid and storage solutions that are individually tailored to your consumption profile needs and provide the right amount of energy at the right time in an efficient self-consumption-oriented way.

Detailed operating cost calculations specific to your business provide a great deal of planning security.

Tested quality – durable and powerful components

All of our components are powerful, robust and durable, factors that make every IBC SOLAR system a profitable investment.

Add those to the superior product and performance guarantees that we offer you as a leading global PV systems vendor. Our claims of top performance and reliability are backed by not only extensive testing in the PV test laboratory SUNLAB, but also independent institutes such as the TÜV and the Fraunhofer ISE.


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Competent Premium Partners – available to you in person in your country

Professional through and through. A widespread network of regional partner organisations install and maintain our systems. Our Premium Partners are carefully selected and are given constant support with the assistance of IBC SOLAR to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest technology. There are over 1,000 specialists worldwide, bringing IBC SOLAR expertise directly to you.

Another plus point: As your personal contact partners, the Premium Partners are always on hand to answer questions about plant operations and maintenance.

15 Years Combination Warranty

On IBC SOLAR modules and IBC SOLAR mounting systems together.

Whether material weakness or loss of performance - if either occurs, you do not want to have discussions, but a quick and easy solution. Absolutely free of charge and only with IBC SOLAR.

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