IBC SOLAR presents intelligent Solar Power Storage Solutions at Intersolar 2011

Further highlights: direct usage of solar energy, solar powered water supply, modules and inverters

Bad Staffelstein (Germany), June 7, 2011 – IBC SOLAR AG, a worldwide leading photovoltaic specialist, introduces two power storage solutions for photovoltaic installations at this year’s Intersolar trade show in Munich from June 8 to 10. Owners of photovoltaic systems will be able to use a much larger percentage of the energy they are producing, even if the sun does not shine. In addition, IBC SOLAR presents a powerful new module, a new inverter and a mounting system especially for trapezoidal metal roofs at their booth in hall B6, booth 310. Apart from new products, large scale projects, off-grid solutions and the strategic plans of IBC SOLAR in Germany and the international PV markets will be the dominating topics at the trade show.  
Intelligent storage solutions
Using solar energy to produce electricity for your own personal use is the overriding topic for IBC SOLAR at this year’s Intersolar. The photovoltaic specialist introduces two power storage solutions that enable households to cover up to 60 percent of their electricity needs with solar energy. IBC SOLAR presents a complete solution that includes photovoltaic modules, an inverter, the battery system, as well as the IBC SolGuard that automatically manages the use of the solar energy. The intelligent management system prioritizes the direct use of the generated electricity and powers the household appliances first, before charging the batteries. Once the batteries are full, all excess energy is fed into the public grid.

“Since 2009, households have the opportunity to use the electricity that their photovoltaic systems generate directly. For this, they receive a reduced feed-in tariff as defined in the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), but at the same time save electricity costs”, explained Norbert Hahn, member of the board at IBC SOLAR AG. “By encouraging a direct use of solar energy the overall costs for renewable energy funding is reduced and the energy load in the public grid will be balanced.”

Without management technology, households currently can use about 15 percent of their solar energy. With IBC SolGuard, which was introduced last year, this percentage can be doubled to 30 percent, as the device combines the monitoring of photovoltaic systems with the targeted controlling of individual household appliances. By using a power storage solution, home owners can use even more of their own electricity: The battery inverter controls the charging and discharging of the battery, and for example charges the lithium-ion battery every time the solar energy is not used directly.

IBC SOLAR introduces two different battery technologies: IBC SolStore 3.5 Li, a battery system based on lithium-ion polymer technology, and IBC SolStore 6.8 Pb, a storage system utilizing the proven valve regulated lead-acid (VLRA) technology. At the show IBC SOLAR displays the lithium-ion solution. This solution has an extremely high number of load cycles, a charge efficiency of 95 percent, and is equipped with an integrated touch screen display that shows the current battery capacity. Further information on the second battery system based on the VLRA technology is also available in Hall B6 at booth 310. This type of battery is a proven technology, especially popular in off-grid systems.

Solar powered water supply
Remote rural areas will benefit from the new solar powered water supply from IBC SOLAR. The solar pumps haul the water and transport it over long distances at a higher efficiency as conventional diesel engines. As they are powered by the sun and do not need a battery storage, they are far more environmentally friendly and an ecological alternative to supplying villages, cattle or fields with the water that they need. At Intersolar, IBC SOLAR will showcase the solar water pump system, recently completed off-grid projects as well as hybrid systems.

IBC MonoSol 250 TT Black: highly efficient and aesthetic
Apart from the power storage solutions, IBC SOLAR also introduced a new module with an outstanding energy yield. IBC MonoSol 250 TT Black can be used on virtually every building, from a small family home to historic buildings. With its black frame and black surface, the new module is not only aesthetically appealing, but also complies with the most rigid quality criteria which IBC SOLAR has validated in its own test fields, climate chamber and flasher testing.

Fast mounting: TopFix200 for trapezoidal metal roofs
IBC SOLAR has expanded its established series of mounting systems to meet the demands of trapezoidal sheet mounting. Tailored components and pre-mounted clamps ensure a fast and easy installation. As the system uses rivets instead of screws that require a lot of manual work, it saves about 20 percent of the installation time compared to conventional mounting systems. TopFix200 can be used with virtually all types of modules and fits nearly all trapezoidal sheet roofs. Due to the easy height adjustment the system can be also installed on uneven roofs. Weatherproof materials such as aluminium and steel ensure a long product life time.

Efficient communication: IBC ServeMaster 8000TL Pro
Last but not least, IBC SOLAR presents IBC ServeMaster 8000TL Pro, a powerful new inverter. The inverter comes without a transformer and operates at a maximum efficiency of 98 percent, ensuring high yields even if modules are partially shaded or are facing in different directions. A ride through technology balances voltage swings, which usually occur in the public grid and cause a power down in the inverter. The ServeMaster8000TL remains connected to the grid and thus can feed in more of the power that the modules generate. An integrated web server establishes a direct communication channel to the IBC SolPortal via DSL.