IBC SOLAR joins forces with Saules Energijas Ieleja in Latvia

Latvia has become an emerging market for PV in the past years

Liepaja/Bad Staffelstein, August 26, 2014 – Saules Energijas Ieleja, a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) installing company in Latvia, has entered into an official distribution agreement with the German IBC SOLAR AG. From now on, the Latvian company will source its PV product portfolio from one of the global leaders in photovoltaic systems. Both parties benefit from the mutual agreement: IBC SOLAR guarantees its Premium Partner a reliable stock of high-quality products and services, whilst Saules Energijas Ieleja in exchange is familiar with the local market structure and the needs of the customers in Latvia.

Saules Energijas Ieleja has been operating in the sector of green energy for three years, mainly in the expanding field of solar energy. ”Latvia’s PV industry holds significant potential for growth, particularly when it comes to roof installations for private households,” said Maris Liepa, Member of the Board of Saules Energijas Ieleja. “Many people in Latvia misleadingly believe that weather conditions in our country are not suitable for installing solar systems. But during the past three years this opinion has been changing.”  Indeed, solar irradiation in Latvia is similar to Germany. As there are no feed-in tariff or any subsidies, PV systems in Latvia are mostly operated as self-consumption systems. Although in 2008 only around 8 kilowatts of PV power were registered, installed capacity increased to around 1.5 megawatts in 2013.

Of the new partnership, Maris Liepa said: “Saules Energijas Ieleja is well-known and well-established in Latvia. We are looking forward to further developing our presence in the strongly emerging PV market together with IBC SOLAR. We will provide our customers with products and services that have been tested to the highest German quality standards.” Main customers for Saules Energijas Ieleja PV systems are private households as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and guest houses.

IBC SOLAR is internationally established, with subsidiaries and partners in important and growing international markets in and outside of Europe. For the PV expert, premium partnerships have proven successful in many other markets, where IBC SOLAR has enjoyed long-standing relationships with its Premium Partners. Premium Partners are well-established in the local markets; they are familiar with the market’s idiosyncrasies and structures, and offer solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer. In return, IBC SOLAR guarantees its partners reliable stock of high-quality products, unique service and access to the know-how and experience of one of the pioneers of the PV industry.

About Saules Energijas Ieleja
Saules Energijas Ieleja (“Solar Energy Valley”) has been founded in 2011 in Liepaja/Lativia. The company offers certified high-class photovoltaic systems, wind generators, hybrid systems and LED lighting. The company’s qualified specialists evaluate the customer’s specific wishes and possibilities in order to offer an individually designed renewable energy solution. Saules Energijas Ieleja also performs delivery, installation of all the necessary products and after-sale services according to high-quality standards.