IBC SOLAR Extends Its Power Storage Portfolio

Intelligent solar power storage solutions: the IBC SolStore 6.3 Li lithium-ion battery and the IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb lead-acid battery

Bad Staffelstein, June 12, 2012 – IBC SOLAR AG, a world leader specializing in photovoltaics, is extending its range of solar power storage units to include the lithium-ion-based IBC SolStore 6.3 Li and the lead-acid system IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb. The power storage units are being as a complete solution incorporating the IBC SolGuard monitoring system to ensure efficient utilization of solar energy irrespective of the time of day. Operators of PV systems will thus be able to readily increase the proportion of the self-generated power they use and avoid the repercussions of ever-increasing energy costs.
IBC SOLAR AG has unveiled its IBC SolStore 6.3 Li, a new power storage solution for use with photovoltaic systems. IBC SolStore 6.3 Li employs innovative lithium-ion polymer technology, has a nominal storage capacity of 6.3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and an operating efficiency of more than 95%. Furthermore the system provides a cycle stability of 5000 cycles at a depth of discharge of 90%. The unique cellular design and the use of protective separators guarantee maximum operating safety of the unit in all situations. Its lightweight and space-saving design makes it easy to install. The compact lithium-ion storage unit weighs in at just 120 kg. The IBC SolStore 6.3 Li is available as 24 volts (V) or 48 V model and is compatible with all relevant grids in Germany. It represents a secure investment with its optimized battery capacity, excellent durability and attractive cost-performance ratio.

In addition to its power storage system based on lithium-ion technology, IBC SOLAR has also developed a new unit employing lead-acid technology, the IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb. This will be marketed in the third quarter of 2012. Operating at an enhanced 48 V, the battery has a gross storage capacity of 8 kWh, representing 4 kWh of utilizable power storage. The benefits of the new lead-acid battery and of the 24-volt version, the IBC SolStore 6.8 Pb, are the low price, the excellent durability (a life of at least 10 years) and the outstanding cycling stability of 2700 cycles with a 50% depth of discharge. The 24-V version has a gross storage capacity of 6.8 kWh and also a 50% depth of discharge.

The two new products complement the IBC SOLAR range of storage units which offers the ideal solution for every single family home. "The new IBC power storage units have been designed specifically with the growing needs of our customers in mind. They have an increased storage capacity and are an effective option for energy consumers looking to protect themselves against the ever-increasing costs of power. When a solar energy storage system is installed, the power generated by the sun can be made available at any time of day, increasing the proportion of their self-generated energy that PV system users can consume," says Norbert Hahn, board member of the IBC SOLAR AG.

As all IBC storage units, the new lithium-ion battery IBC SolStore 6.3 Li and the new lead-acid IBC SolStore 8.0 Pb, together with the existing models, IBC SolStore 3.5 Li and IBC SolStore 6.8 Pb, will be offered as complete systems with all required additional components and the intelligent IBC SolGuard monitoring system. The monitoring system registers all relevant PV unit operating data and, if desired, calculates the expected energy output for the next few hours on the basis of current weather conditions and power generation rate. Thus, operators of grid-connected photovoltaic systems can switch on electrical apparatus, and thus increase their consumption of self-generated energy.