IBC SOLAR expands product portfolio with module technology from TIGO

Turbo for IBC SOLAR’s Value-Added Modules offers efficient solution for PV systems

Bad Staffelstein / Germany, December 9, 2015 – IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic systems, is expanding its product portfolio with smart module technology from TIGO. All module types, including IBC SOLAR’s Value-Added Modules, can be upgraded with the optimizer technology.
“TIGO perfectly complements our portfolio of own label and third-party products. Their solutions will enable our Premium Partners to offer their customers efficient solutions for PV systems in locations where conditions for solar installations have never been ideal or have else got worse over the years and modules are not able to fulfil their full nominal power”, says Thomas Herold, Product Manager Electrical Components at IBC SOLAR.
TIGO solves this problem by utilizing a patented impedance matching optimizer technology. The TIGO Energy Module Optimizers can be integrated into every module to increase the energy production of the whole PV system by up to 20 per cent. The products simplify design and installation, improve fire safety, and ensure the highest uptime and reliability through cloud-based monitoring. TIGO Energy’s chip-based solution provides the industry’s lowest part count, highest reliability, and most efficient smart module solution in the world. Their products therefore meet the high quality standards set by IBC SOLAR.
The partnership will enable the customers of IBC SOLAR to migrate to the revolutionary TS4 platform embedded technology in the near future. It will also allow them to carry out performance reviews for existing customers and, if necessary, consult them on readjusting their PV systems. In the course of this review, they can also develop long-term service and maintenance agreements. IBC SOLAR is offering its Premium Partners exclusive product training courses for the new product at its Competence Center.
“TIGO is the only provider to offer a modular platform which allows customers to adjust the behaviour of their PV modules according to their specific needs. It offers various functionality options and selective deployment abilities, which produce the lowest cost optimization, while allowing real time monitoring and an overall reduction of maintenance costs”, says Christian Carraro, TIGO’s GM & Vice President Sales for Europe. “By combining our leading technologies with IBC SOLAR–an established and experienced international solar distributor–we  will be able to provide the solar market with the best possible generation of solar energy products and management systems.”