Have sun! IBC SOLAR repositions itself strategically and communicatively

• The solar pioneer will present a new strategy, a new design and a new claim

• 40 years of IBC SOLAR: Pioneering sustainability

• 98 percent recyclable: Cradle-to-cradle trade fair stand at Intersolar Europe

Bad Staffelstein, 10 May 2022 – Just in time for Intersolar Europe 2022, which will run from the 11 to 13 May 2022, IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of solar energy solutions, presents a new business segment strategy and a new brand identity. In terms of content and communication, the company has prepared itself for the upcoming challenges of the expected rapid dynamics in the solar market. Thanks to the reorganisation of the three business areas of home, industry & commerce and solar parks, all of the relevant market areas will now be covered even more efficiently. The new claim 'Have sun!' positions IBC SOLAR as a reliable partner for the carefree use of solar energy. With the trade fair stand in hall A4, stand A4.470 and A4.670, the company is also emphasising its focus on sustainability and ecology. The stand was built according to the ecological cradle-to-cradle design principle and is 98 percent recyclable. It therefore provides an ideal stage for the company’s 40th anniversary under the motto 'Pioneering Sustainability'.

A new brand promise and a new business area strategy

IBC SOLAR has developed a new corporate vision and has expanded its strategy concepts in the three business areas of home, industry & commerce and solar parks. Stefan Horstmann, COO at IBC SOLAR explains: “All company processes have been redesigned, streamlined and optimised.” The company vision is: 'We create energy self-sufficiency and zero emissions from the sun's easily accessible and infinite energy – for a world worth living in.' The newly formulated brand promise expresses IBC SOLAR’s claim to provide all customers with easy and carefree access to the use of solar energy.

In terms of communication, two words sum up this promise: 'Have sun!' This new brand claim positions IBC SOLAR as a problem solver and friendly brand. Patrik Danz, CSO at IBC SOLAR adds: "Through its ambiguity, it expresses the following ideas: 'Bring joy into your life with solar power!' and 'Use our well designed products and services to help you do just that!'" This positions the company as an experienced partner and quality leader that reliably guides you through the complex processes and technical requirements when installing solar energy solutions.

The new corporate design is clear and focused, and follows the principle of 'less is more'. It demonstrates self-confidence, modernity and is forward-looking. With straight-forward typography, reduced design elements and plenty of white space that draws focus to the relevant content. Photography and imagery are deliberately authentic, so that as many people as possible feel that they are addressed. As Julius Möhrstedt, IBC SOLAR shareholder, adds “With its new content and visual orientation, IBC SOLAR is ideally prepared for all business and communication challenges in a rapidly growing solar market with a clear vision, an unmistakable brand promise and a new, modern appearance.”

Pioneering Sustainability – the cradle-to-cradle trade fair stand

The company was founded in 1982 by Udo Möhrstedt. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are a fundamental part of IBC SOLAR. This year, the solar pioneer is celebrating its 40th anniversary at a trade fair stand with special symbolism – it is 98 percent recyclable.

The stand was built according to the cradle-to-cradle design principle of EPEA GmbH, the innovation partner for environmentally compatible and recyclable products. This means that the majority of the materials used can be fully returned to the biological and/or technical cycle after the fair. Examples include: Product tables, meeting tables, cabin walls and counters are made of organically-certified domestic spruce. After the trade fair, they will be used again for fencing around a bee garden at the Montessori School in Dachau. The aluminium tubes used will continue to be used in trade fair construction and then recycled in the technical cycle. The paint on the stand is biodegradable. The total material input is 4,130 kilogrammes. Of these, 4,040.5 kilogrammes are fully recyclable and the remainder is recyclable subject to certain conditions. This results in a recyclability of 98 percent. The decision to completely dispense with an extra floor also has a particularly positive effect on the life cycle assessment of the trade fair stand.

IBC SOLAR experts are looking forward to an active dialogue at Intersolar Europe from 11 to 13 May 2022 in Hall A4, Stand A4.470 and A4.670.