Internships and thesis work

Name: Alnajdawi Ahmad

Year: 2016

Course of Studies: Energy Engineering (Renewable energy)

University: German Jordanian University

My name is Ahmad Alnajdawi, an exchange Jordanian student. I am studying energy engineering at the German Jordanian University in Amman, Jordan and I studied last semester electrical engineering at HS Magdeburg.
On March-2016 I have been lucky to get the opportunity to do my internship at such a great and leader company like IBC SOLAR. I started doing my internship in the first 7 weeks with the German team (Project development + EPC Germany) where I could turn my theoretical knowledge to practical experiences. I have been involved in many German projects by doing plans, designing and arranging them, Simulation and testing the performance of built plants. I also had a chance to work on field beside my office work which have been consolidated to give me a good comprehension of what I do at office.

After this 7 weeks of working with the German team I have started working with the international team (EPC international) to resume improving my career. With the international team I had different kind of helpful and great challenges and more responsibility, especially when some of my team members working on the field of the projects outside of Germany. On the period working with this team I used to work on many international projects in many countries like Japan, India, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Africa. With working on these projects, my skills have been developed each day more than the once before and my tasks were the same tasks with the German team in addition to planning and designing monitoring systems and more parts in each project. Last but not the least I was a back-office supporter for the members of my team who are outside of Germany as well.

At the End, I had a pleasant time in the entire period of doing my internship by feeling myself as a part of IBC SOLAR family and making many friends during this time too. Therefore I am very thankful and looking forward to start writing my bachelor thesis here at the company as soon as I finish my internship.

Best and kind regards,

Ahmad Alnajdawi