IBC SOLAR: Solar power systems

Global energy solutions to suit any requirement

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Sustainable power supply since 1982

From grid-independent solar power systems and private PV systems on garages to large solar parks - we are shaping the future of energy supply along with our customers and partners as a global provider of energy solutions.

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us. This is what we stand for every day with our work, our vision, our mission and our values.

Our company history

Click through over 40 years of IBC SOLAR.

The IBC SOLAR mission statement

Our Vision

We create energy self-sufficiency and zero emissions by providing easy access to the sun's infinite energy – for a world worth living in.

Our Mission

  • We are the driving force behind utilising the sun's energy. 
  • We simplify complex systems and develop innovative energy solutions that are tailored to customers' requirements.
  • Together with our partners, we provide current and future generations with reliable access to renewable energy.
  • With our knowledge and experience, we are able to respond quickly and agilely to dynamic markets.
  • In doing so, we are accelerating the change to a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Values

  • Ethics/Moral
    Respect for mankind, the environment and nature – without exception
  • Honesty
    Treating everyone with sincerity and integrity
  • Quality and Safety
    Mankind and the environment, the product and its benefits – achieving the optimum together
  • Responsibility
    Responsibility for the environment and the satisfaction of both staff and customers
  • Humanity
     Social and corporate commitments are worthwhile
  • Excellence
    Making extraordinary efforts to become an outstanding company
  • Consequence
    Consistent and sustainable action is our promise


Do you want to know more about our values?

Here you can find our Corporate Policy (pdf). 

Here you can find our "Code of Conduct" (pdf).

Company management with expertise and perspective

IBC SOLAR's Executive Board currently consists of experienced members who have paved the way for the company's future.

Dr. Dirk Haft (CEO) Lars Degendorfer (CFO) Stefan Horstmann (COO) Patrik Danz (CSO) Udo Möhrstedt (Founder)

Dr. Dirk Haft

Dr. Dirk Haft has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the IBC SOLAR Group since 2024. The PhD physicist with a focus on nano- and quantum physics has been a member of the supervisory board of the company since 2018 and took over the role of co-CEO on the board in October 2022. Throughout his career, Dr. Dirk Haft has gained extensive experience in the chip industry and mechanical engineering. He founded his own companies and held various executive positions. In this context, he also provides strategic direction with regard to innovative technologies, new business models and digital transformation.

At IBC SOLAR, Dr. Dirk Haft is responsible for the further development of the corporate strategy as well as the Merger & Acquisitions and Innovation and Product Management departments. As part of his role, he will be making a significant contribution to integrating the various business segments of the IBC SOLAR Group even more closely and optimising integrated management.

Lars Degendorfer

Lars Degendorfer has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of IBC SOLAR AG since 2018 and a member of the Management Board since August 2019. He is a qualified business economist with the focus on finance, banking and investment and has many years of experience in commercial management positions for industrial companies, particularly in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. A core aspect of his activities was and is the area of (international) financing.

At IBC SOLAR AG, Lars Degendorfer is responsible for Accounting, Controlling, Facility Management and Strategic Group Development as well as for the coordination and networking of the entire IBC SOLAR Group.

Stefan Horstmann

Stefan Horstmann has been Chief Operations Officer (COO) and a member of the IBC SOLAR AG board of directors since June 2020. As a trained engineer he has gained many years of experience in management positions at an international level in strategic and operational supply chain management as well as in IT. The focus of his IT activities within the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology sector focused on ERP software, process design, organizational development and project management.

At IBC SOLAR AG he is responsible for logistics, purchasing, quality assurance, product management, IT, processes and organization. In his role as COO, Stefan Horstmann makes a significant contribution to the internal networking of these business areas of IBC SOLAR AG and continues to position them for the national and international photovoltaic markets in a goal-oriented and successful manner.

Patrik Danz

Patrik Danz completes the IBC SOLAR AG Management Board as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) since 2021. The trained engineer (Technical University) in the field of electrical engineering and economics looks back on many years of international experience in management positions within the lighting technology industry. Core aspects of his activities include in particular the areas of sales & marketing, product management, R&D and quality. 

At IBC SOLAR AG, he is responsible for the company's national and international sales and project units as well as the Marketing and Technical Sales departments. In his role as CSO, Patrik Danz is responsible for the coordination of these areas within the IBC SOLAR Group and contributes to making the sales units even more focused at all levels.

Udo Möhrstedt

A pioneer of the industry

The graduate physicist Udo Möhrstedt has been committed to the development and expansion of photovoltaics for more than 40 years. As one of the pioneers in the solar industry, he formed an engineering office in 1982 from which IBC SOLAR AG emerged.

Udo Möhrstedt is well connected in the industry: He founded the PV symposium in Bad Staffelstein at Banz Abbey in 1986. He represented the interests of the German PV industry as an Executive Board member and board spokesman of the German Solar Industry Federation for six years from 1996. He supported the merger of the solar thermal energy and photovoltaic industry federations into "BSI - German Solar Industry Federation".

Udo Möhrstedt has received multiple awards for his complete dedication - including the "Bavarian Environment Medal". He was awarded the "Entrepreneur of the Year" title from Ernst & Young in 2009 and in 2012 Udo Möhrstedt received the Federal Cross of Merit in 2012 for his long-term and entrepreneurial commitment.