Work. Empowered by the sun!

Become independent, minimise your electricity costs and maximise your sales return with IBC SOLAR energy solutions. For sustainable and self-sufficient corporate management – now and in the future.

Good reasons to have a solar power system in your company:

  • Lower your electricity costs: Self-produced solar power is approximately 50% cheaper than power from the grid. The more you consume, the more you save.
  • Planning and cost security: For the long-term, as your electricity price will remain low and stable.
  • Increase your returns: The lower your energy bills, the higher your profits.
  • Increase your independence: A photovoltaic system makes you more independent of regular electricity. A storage system gives you security in the event of power failures.
  • Promote a positive image: Installing a solar power system is an environmentally sustainable choice that differentiates you noticeably from your competitors.