Off-Grid Systems: Affordable Power Supply

More than 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity or suffer from a weak grid infrastructure with many power interruptions. Photovoltaic off-grid systems provide the perfect solution for a flexible, decentralised and affordable energy supply in these often remote areas.


The technology of photovoltaic is well developed and once installed provides energy for 20 years and more – free of charge. Since 1982 IBC SOLAR has specialised in off-grid system design to supply self-sufficient and environmentally friendly energy to help increase living standards in remote areas. Whether in the mountains, the desert or in the tropics our high-quality systems provide reliable, low maintenance solutions for independent power supply - even under extreme climatic conditions.

The ideal solution for every situation

IBC SOLAR offers a complete range of services and flexibility to meet your needs. Ranging from distributing complete off-grid kits over professional consultancy to planning and building turnkey off-grid systems with IBC SOLAR you benefit from more than 35 years of expertise and German engineering excellence. IBC SOLAR's off-grid systems are perfectly sized to meet the electricity demand of any consumer. We offer solutions for every project size and application.  

Solar Home Systems Rural Electrification Industrial Systems Backup Systems

Solar Home Systems

Solar Home Systems (SHS) are small scale off-grid systems that provide basic electricity for individual shelters, mountain cabins, mobile homes, weekend homes, house boats, etc. High-performance batteries ensure a reliable supply even during the night or periods of bad weather. Simple electrical appliances like lighting of rooms, charging mobiles, cooling food and medicine can go a long way to improve living conditions, education and health. The IBC Off-Grid Calculator, an easy planning tool assists our premium partners in sizing SHS.

Rural Electrification

Systems for rural electrification the perfect solution for large buildings like hospitals, schools, hotels or even entire villages. The concept relies on a centralised PV system which can be specifically sized to generate enough clean electricity to supply several households. The alternating current (AC) is distributed via a self-contained mini-grid which connects each household.

These systems are flexible and as a result the modules can be extended if electricity demand increases. With low electricity generation costs these systems represent the economically best solution in sparsely populated areas. Furthermore, one system for an entire village is more viable than several smaller SHS's. Batteries and/or diesel generators can be integrated in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply and/ or further decrease in investment costs.

Industrial Systems

Industrial Systems from IBC SOLAR are custom-made stand-alone systems for the supply of industrial energy to consumers that are not connected to a public power grid. They require low maintenance and are the most economical solution in hard to reach areas. Other energy sources, like diesel generators and/or batteries can be integrated into the system to ensure reliable power supply even for long autonomous periods without sunlight. Typical applications includes telecommunication (BTS), systems for traffic control, environmental data measurement system and other remote installed applications.

Backup Systems

Backup systems rely on batteries to assure an uninterrupted electricity supply in case of grid failure. They are specifically applicable in regions with a low grid infrastructure. In events of electricity blackouts high-performance batteries immediately fill the electrical supply gap for consumers that need permanent and reliable power supply. Backup systems can easily be integrated into an existing grid infrastructure and can be combined with photovoltaic and other energy sources (p.e. diesel generators).