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We are currently experiencing special times during which some things have changed. Instead of the hustle and bustle of the trade fair, we will now meet up in virtual space. Here we present our HIGHLIGHTS 2020 as well as interesting prospects for the future of our industry.

Above all, we would like to enter into direct dialogue with you. For this reason we are providing exciting webinars on the most important topics. In our "IBC SOLAR Roof-Talks" we would like to talk with you about the latest industry news via livestream and are looking forward to discussing with you on the phone or in a video call the aspects that are important for you and to answer your questions. Download complementary marketing material - and if you like, you can find our entire product portfolio in the shop with just one click.

IBC SOLAR offers you integrated energy solutions and services from a single source - and thus the basis for joint sustainable success.

As a partner, we are shaping the energy revolution.
And a clean future for all of us.

Become a Premium Partner
    Become a Premium Partner

    Tougher than everyday life.


    The 7-step quality test in
    new SUNLAB test laboratory.

    IBC SOLAR subjects all its provided modules to rigorous, multi-stage quality tests in the SUNLAB test laboratory. This allows you to benefit from maximum security in terms of warranty, guarantee and recourse. And your customers benefit from quality which is more than just a promise. Because hard facts can always be relied on.

    The measure of all things.
    The measure of all things.
    Determining the highest performance
    South Pole and Sahara.
    South Pole and Sahara.
    Temperature cycling test
    For bending and breaking.
    For bending and breaking.
    Static mechanical load testing
    Perfect climate for hard facts.
    Perfect climate for hard facts.
    Heat test with humidity
    In light of the truth.
    In light of the truth.
    Electroluminescence measuring for
    PV modules
    Still watertight?
    Still watertight?
    Measuring the insulation resistance under wet conditions
    Just don’t let up!
    Just don’t let up!
    Detection of
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7

    IBC SOLAR Combination Warranty

    on IBC SOLAR
    mounting & module.

    Only with IBC SOLAR:
    15 years warranty on mounting together with modules.

    When damage occurs it is annoying enough, no one wants discussions or arguments. That's why IBC SOLAR now offers the new 15-year combination warranty on IBC SOLAR mounting systems and IBC SOLAR modules together. Because our products are perfectly matched to each other. This unique combination of top quality, a particularly long performance guarantee and uncomplicated handling gives you and your customers optimal security.

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    Smart, safe, economical.
    That’s convincing.

    Commercial photovoltaic applications are a growth market with enormous potential. In addition to PV on the roof, the focus is on commercial storage and above all the right energy management system. IBC SOLAR supports you individually with products and know-how so that you can take advantage of, and optimise this potential. Because every project is an individual case, from acquisition to planning to installation. Convince your customers with tailor-made commercial applications. We are happy to assist you!

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    Commercial PV systems are an interesting and far from exhausted growth market. The roof surface potential in the commercial sector for PV systems is enormous.

    23 Mio.
    registered businesses in EU.

    Irrespective of whether you are already active in the commercial sector or not, IBC SOLAR will support you as needed.

    Every commercial solution must be individually designed, planned and implemented with the customer. Wherever you need support in this complex process, IBC SOLAR is there for you. Take advantage of our know-how in all areas of technology, service and products. We offer you competent and individual project support from start to finish - by telephone, in person at your company or on site at the customer's premises.


    We accompany you during the project analysis and data acquisition.


    We support you in marketing of products and components.

    Planning, installation, commissioning

    We are at your side in all phases of dimensioning, calculation, project planning etc. with advice and support.

    Complex commercial PV systems begin and end with the perfect combination of its individual components, with the energy management system and storage system playing a central role.

    IBC SOLAR has many years of experience in the project planning of PV, EMS and storage systems and provides an optimal product range for

    • Solar modules
    • Mounting systems
    • Inverters
    • Battery storage systems
    • Smart control technology
    • E-Mobility

    In the EMS sector, we are professionals and will work with you to configure tailor-made commercial EMS applications with smart functions that will bring maximum benefit to your customers.

    You can rely on our know-how for functions such as

    • Peak shaving
    • Increase of self-consumption
    • Load management
    • Emergency power
    • Grid-related services
    • E-Mobility

    We know what your customers need. And we can support you to make it a reality.

    The right solution for German Herb Producer Herrmann Kräuter:EMS controls 416 kWp PV system which includes storage

    Together with our premium partner Kempka-Elektrotechnik, our experts equipped the nursery and confectionery company Herrmann Kräuter in Neuss (Germany) with a PV system including large battery storage and an EMS. Every week, the company delivers around 200 tons of freshly cut herbs to major customers, the catering industry plus the retail trade. The power requirement for cooling and ventilation is enormous. Watch the video to see how the energy solution was designed for Herrmann Kräuter and the benefits of having an EMS and battery storage.



    IBC SOLAR's new Eco mounting parts.

    Reducing down to the essentials is a fundamental part of good technical solutions. IBC SOLAR has made this its maxim for eco-mounting parts: Intelligent and user-friendly products that perfectly fulfill their purpose through innovative design - and save material, weight and last but not least, costs.

    G5 clamp.

    The clever twist.

    The innovative G5 Eco middle clamp from IBC SOLAR impresses with its simplicity - which has proved itself both in installation and in price. Due to its patent-pending construction design with an inverted screw, spring and long nut, it is installed flawlessly in just a few simple steps.

    The clamp is expected to be available in Q4/2020.

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    G2 Eco rail.

    Less is more.

    Due to its particularly narrow construction style, the new AeroFix G2 Eco base rail reduces both material expenses as well as costs. Flexible to implement and easy to handle, it is particularly suitable for stable concrete and gravel roofs, but can also be used on bitumen and foil coverings if the insulation is sufficiently resistant to compression.

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    G2 Eco

    In our YouTube channel, you will find loads of videos about our assembly systems. We will show you step by step how to assemble our components correctly.


    Van der Valk Solar Systems.

    For every need.

    Van der Valk Solar Systems is one of the fastest-growing companies in the solar industry and focuses on the development and production of solar mounting systems for the residential and commercial segment as well as for solar parks. The products are developed and manufactured in the company’s own production facility in the Netherlands.Van der Valk offers the full range of mounting systems: Flat roof, pitched roof and ground mounted systems. All products are characterized by their versatility and quick installation. This perfectly accomplishes IBC SOLAR’s own mounting systems that are well known for high quality, as well as for their flexibility and stability even with high loads.

    High efficiency.
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    The IBC SOLAR monocrystalline modules with half-cut technology.

    The attractive half-cell modules of the IBC SOLAR MonoSol series are characterised by high efficiency levels and a positive power tolerance of up to 5 Watts. As a German guarantor, IBC SOLAR guarantees an assured service period of 25 years. Our quality measures, which are unique in the industry, begin with the qualification of suppliers and end with 7 endurance tests in the PV testing laboratory. This way, we are sure that our modules deliver what they promise and that they deliver maximum power output at all times.

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    More on the rear side.

    IBC SOLAR Bifacial Modules: More power with the same amount of surface

    In Germany as well as globally, bifacial modules are becoming more and more popular for commercial applications. This is because not only sunlight from the front is full of energy, but also the portion reflected from the ground. Modules that are active on both sides can therefore provide an increased energy yield. This makes them up to 25% more profitable with the same surface area, depending on the ground characteristics. Particularly recommended from our product range: Jinko Swan Bifacial 60H 310-330 Watts.

    The module is expected to be available in October 2020.

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    360° View

    Both the front and rear sides of the module actively contribute to the energy supply. For this purpose, the module is glazed on both sides. Good for stability, durability – and last but not least for aesthetics. An additional benefit: The rear-side glass cannot degrade.

    Four times more.

    Flexible performance wonder: Sunny Tripower CORE2 inverter from SMA.

    The new Sunny Tripower CORE2 is the ideal inverter for decentralised commercial PV systems. It offers: More flexibility for large rooftop systems and open spaces up to the MW range. More power with a peak efficiency of 98.6 %. More yield thanks to the integrated SMA ShadeFix software solution. And more system integration by utilising energy management with ennexOS and expandability in the SMA Energy System Business.

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    for all

    Flexible hybrid inverters for customised solutions.

    Minimal installation effort, perfectly coordinated technology and an attractive price-performance ratio - our hybrid inverters combine distinctive advantages in one single compact device. The smart combination created by a photovoltaic and battery inverter is particularly efficient and flexible. A further benefit: the possibility of an emergency power function in the event of an incident.

    Fronius GEN24

    Fronius GEN24

    • Simple, lightning-fast and extremely intuitive commissioning via web server
    • Top quality and excellent service
    • Most efficient inverter in the world: Winner of HTW Berlin's energy storage inspection with a system performance index (SPI) of 94%
    • Integrated emergency power function or full backup power, depending on choice

    More information here:

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    Sungrow SH

    Sungrow SH

    • Excellent price-performance ratio reduces the overall system price of PV systems
    • Unique 10-year standard guarantee
    • Lightning-fast installation with integrated spirit level and no need to unscrew the cover
    • Replacement power included – without additional hardware

    More information here:

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    GoodWe ET

    GoodWe ET

    • World's largest hybrid inverter manufacturer according to Wood Mackenzie
    • Excellent price-performance ratio reduces overall system price of PV systems
    • Lightning-fast installation without needing to unscrew the cover and due to pre-assembled meter cabling and battery communication cabling
    • Replacement power included – without additional hardware

    More information here:

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    Really strong

    Attractive performance provider:
    The SunPower module with shingle technology.

    SunPower modules with innovative shingle technology provide particularly high efficiency with their performance cells with minimal cell spacing. Their unique cell connection based on patented, space-tested adhesive technology also ensures high reliability and durability. And its uniform black surface makes it extremely attractive, not least in terms of appearance.

    The modules are expected to be available from the end of Q3/2020.

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    Innovative shingle-cell connection technology ensures even higher performance.

    Tooltip 1

    Redundant cell-to-cell connections minimise power losses and creates a continuous energy flow.

    Tooltip 2

    Conductive adhesive, tried and tested in the aerospace and space travel industries, allows the cells to overlap, resulting in higher performance on the same surface area.

    Tooltip 3

    Special electrical cell connections lead to lower module temperatures and thus extend the service life of the modules.

    Modular and Extendable.

    BMZ Hyperion high voltage battery.

    The new innovative Hyperion high-voltage storage system from BMZ is modular in design and allows easy and reliable installation as well as future expansion of the storage system if higher energy volumes become necessary. The Made in Germany product can be equipped with a minimum of three and a maximum of six helios modules with a total capacity of up to 18 kWh. High quality lithium-ion battery cells are built into the Hyperion. The safe design and the robust construction follow the proven BMZ quality of the previous storage families. The emergency power storage reduces overall system costs and increases system efficiency. This is a genuine high-voltage memory; a hidden DC/DC converter is thus saved. The Hyperion is compatible with SMAs Sunny Boy Storage inverters.

    The storage system is expected to be available from Q4/2020.

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    Solar Park Arnheim






    Solar Park Merkez






    Project Sabanalarga





    High performance for large systems.

    Solar parks with IBC SOLAR: Sustainable. Safe. Future-oriented.

    In the solar parks sector, we specialise in turnkey PV power plants of all sizes and capacities. We see ourselves as a full-service provider of integrated services and cover the entire spectrum of services required. From project development and investment management to planning and realisation and technical implementation, we are a strong partner right from the start.

    Even after the plant has been commissioned, we continue to be there for you within the framework of technical operational management (O&M) and ensure that your solar park always remains economical and of high quality.

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    Operations & Maintenance (O&M):

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    Pioneer for sustainable energy.

    Since 1982, we have been committed to a clean future and a world worth living in with our energy solutions. The sustainable power of the sun is the key to a secure energy supply today and tomorrow. And at the same time the basis for sustainable economic success.

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    2020 is undoubtedly a very special year – also for the world of PV. In our exclusive “IBC SOLAR Roof-Talks”, our founder Udo Möhrstedt and members of the company's management board discuss current industry issues and give a market outlook. The first session will focus specifically on our international core markets, while the second session will focus on the opportunities and challenges facing the PV industry. You also can get involved in live conversation – with your personal thoughts, ideas and questions.





    Let’s be successful together!

    More success, more turnover, more customer loyalty: Benefit from a strong community – as an IBC SOLAR Premium Partner. Together we are shaping the market - and a bright future.

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    Become a leader
    in your region.

    Distinguish yourself through the strong IBC SOLAR brand: with our broad product portfolio, our unique quality promise and with a lot of know-how from our Competence Center.

    Boost sales.

    More business through customized tools and services from IBC SOLAR - e.g. our planning tool PV Manager, the personalised power calculator and many other technical services.

    Drive growth.

    Concentrate fully on your own growth. Our tailor-made full-service support will help you - from customer acquisition to planning and implementation.

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