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Launch of a new black mounting system for tiled roofs


New product by IBC SOLAR and Preising guarantees increased safety for the maintenance and servicing of PV systems on flat roofs.


• Smart and flexible: the new high-voltage storage system era:powerbase

• Simple and at lightning speed: new mounting systems

• Something for...

The new product by IBC SOLAR allows smart and flexible storage.


Unique partnership combines experienced experts in system know-how and safety for the maintenance of PV systems on flat roofs.


After their first appearance in 2018, IBC SOLAR will be present again in 2019 with their own stand at the Solar Show Africa from 26 – 27th March in...

Retailer significantly increases yields of its PV system at the distribution centre in Weilerswist with repowering from IBC SOLAR


Solar modules and battery storage show how to deal with regular power cut-offs


Derome Plusshus implements green production with 600 kilowatt peak (kWp) solar power plant


IBC SOLAR supplies and commissions PV system with battery storage for self-consumption


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